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Student clubs, groups, and organizations available at our colleges are as diverse as our student population. They provide enriching experiences for students of all interests. Student groups offer you the opportunity to plan and implement events, explore new topics and ideas, learn new skills, enjoy quality entertainment both on and off campus, and much more.

By participating in student groups, you can build leaderships skills, learn, and get involved and interact with other students and full time faculty…and have lots of fun! Student clubs, groups, and organizations are open to all students on campus.

Interested in joining clubs? Visit Wright Life!

5 Easy Steps for Becoming/Renewing a Recognized Student Club/Organization 

1. Recruit 6 members for your organization and select officers.
2. Identify an employee of Wright College willing to serve as your advisor.
3. Complete your club constitution
4. Complete and submit a Student Organization on Wright Life.
5. Once the Student Organization Registration packet is reviewed and approved, someone from your club must present your club purpose and answer questions about your organization at an SGA General Meeting. SGA Officers will then vote on your club’s/organization’s ratification.

For more information about Student Activities, visit: /wright/departments/Student-Activities