Online Learning

Online Learning courses are offered at all seven City Colleges of Chicago locations and provides the flexibility to earn college credit at a distance.

Online Learning courses are offered at all seven City Colleges of Chicago locations and provides the flexibility to earn college credit at a distance. Students should contact their College Advisor if they have any questions about enrolling in online classes.

Online classes are offered in a variety of disciplines including courses in business, computer science, economics, English, geography, geology, history, humanities, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology, science, and sociology.
Online courses have the same prerequisites, academic requirements, credits, and transferability as courses taught in the traditional classroom format. They also have the same rigor and although faculty facilitate learning, students must have excellent time management skills to complete all of the online readings, assignments, and projects. Online courses are not self-paced, and students will move through the courses based on a clear syllabus and course outline.
Students will complete course work using the learning management system (Brightspace) and utilize a tool called Zoom to interact with their instructors and other students. Reading required course materials, submitting homework assignments, viewing recorded course sessions, and taking quizzes and exams are also part of online courses. Some courses may have an in-person, required on-site component within the learning objectives. Finally, online courses may require students to take some exams in a proctored setting at one of the City Colleges or an off-site location.
Teaching for Online Learning
If you are an instructor interested in teaching an Online Learning course click here for more information.

Revising/Updating Online Courses

If you are interested in being apart of an Online Learning course revision team, please contact your Department Chair/Dean of Instruction for more details.
Tuition and Fees
Online Learning courses follow the same tuition and fee structure as in-person classes.

Students can register for online courses at any of the seven City Colleges of Chicago. New students must apply for admission and register for classes in person at the college of your choice. Online Learning highly recommends all students take the Online Learning Readiness Quiz before registering for courses.

Residency Requirement

Students enrolled in online courses must be verified residents of Illinois prior to the first day of the semester or risk being dropped from their online courses. City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) is only authorized to offer online courses in the state of Illinois. Therefore, if students change their residency from Illinois to another state while enrolled in CCC online courses, the change of residency may impact the availability of financial aid funds to the student. Click for more information on residency verification.

Course Information
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Students should purchase course materials prior to the first day of the term
  • Students can log in to on the first day of the term to review the course syllabus and other information

Some Online Learning courses require one or more proctored examinations. You can determine whether a course you are interested in requires a proctored examination by looking at the course notes when registering for your classes. For additional information please contact your instructor. 

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