Navigate will help City Colleges better identify and meet the holistic needs of our students, and connect them to key staff and resources.

An upgrade to GradesFirst, Navigate​ will provide a personalized Care Team to each student made up of your advisor, faculty, and other specifically assigned staff from the Transfer Center Financial Aid Office, Career Services, and Student Activities - making it easier to know exactly where to go for help when you need it.  

Ready to learn more about what Navigate can do for you? Watch this quick video!  
Students: Download the Navigate app to:         
  • Make it easier to communicate with your Care Team         
  • See a personalized calendar of appointments and milestones         
  • Set and achieve clear goals                     


To download the app:                              

1.       Go to the AppleStore​ or GooglePlay Store ​ (or search for “Navigate Student” on those sites)                

2.       Download and install the app, and accept the terms and conditions                              

3.       Search “City Colleges of Chicago” and select that as your school                              

4.       Log in using your CCC ID and Password      


Note: The first time you visit, you will be asked to complete a four-question intake survey. Your answers will personalize your connections to CCC offices and resources.        



Need Help Making an Appointment?       
Appointments can take place in person or remotely on Zoom. When you schedule an appointment through Navigate, you will be asked what kind of service you want: Advising, Tutoring, Career Development, Transfer, or something else. When you select your service, you will be able to choose a day and time from the available appointments. You can also decide how you want to meet: in person or remotely. When you confirm your appointment, you can also request a reminder message. 
If you need help making an appointment, contact the front desk for the office you are trying to reach. You can find the contact information at​.