Assessment at Wilbur Wright College

Noah Marshall

Assessment Committee Chairs

An essential component of Wilbur Wright College’s effort to improve student learning.

The assessment of student learning involves measuring the degree to which students achieve student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the purpose of improving student learning through pedagogical changes.   


There are three tiers of learning outcomes at the college: course-level, department/program-level, and institutional-level. SLO maps demonstrate the interconnectivity between these three tiers.  Through these maps, assessment of course-level SLOs contribute their connecting department/program-level SLOs and institutional-level learnings outcomes (ILOs).    

Mission of the Assessment Committee      
The assessment committee facilitates and supports projects pertaining to the assessment of student learning, documents and catalogues this work, and disseminates information about this work and its accomplishments across the college.        

See the bylaws​ for more details regarding the operations of the committee.  ​​​