Curriculum Development (PACC)

Welcome to Curriculum Development. To initiate a PACC proposal (develop and/or revise courses and programs), click the SharePoint Curriculum Home Page link. The Curriculum Facilitator (see directory), is your guide in this automated process.
Click here to access the SharePoint Curriculum Home Page
From the Home Page you will be able to click on links to:
  • Initiate a PACC Proposal
  • View Curriculum Development Calendar
  • Request Labor Market Data
  • View College Proposals
  • View Document Library
  • View Glossary​

​​Click here to see the directory of PACC Curriculum Facilitators​

Click here to access information on the PACC process

The curriculum development process, Proposed Academic Curriculum Changes (PACC), was approved by the CCC Board of Trustees in June, 2014.