Early College

Mila Simeonovska

Senior Coordinator, Early College Programs

The Early College programs provide opportunities to high school juniors & seniors to earn college credits while still in high school. It will reduce the time for earning a degree and provide exposure to rigorous college courses.

Dual Enrollment                        

In order to qualify for this program, you have to be a high school junior or senior with a GPA 2.5 or higher and a 90% attendance rate. If you meet the program’s eligibility requirements and would like to take a free college class as part of this program please complete the following steps:                                       

Apply ​for a CCC ID number (early college application guide​)                        


  1. Complete the Admissions Application to obtain a CCC ID here
  2. Make sure to choose the option “Pursue a limited amount of courses as a visiting student, personal interest or as a dual enrollment/credit student. This option is not eligible for financial aid



After you complete the online application you will receive your CCC ID number via email. If you do not receive your username, please use the links below to retrieve it and reset your password.                            

  • You can retrieve your username here         
  • You can reset your password here          

​Take the Placement Tests                                     


​ English (RTW) Placement Test Information​
Overview Information​

Instructions on​ how to schedule Engli​sh placement



Math (ALEKS) Placement Test Information​
Student registration instructions



Students must be at least a junior or senior in high school by the time they start a Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment class. If a student is younger than 16 and not a high school junior, the student must demonstrate college readiness in Math or English as well as obtain permission from the College President to participate.                                                                                                            
​CCC Placement Test
Exam​ Score Placement Level
Reading To Write (RTW)​ ​6 English 101
ALEKS​ 46+​​​​​ ​Math 118


​ACT & SAT English Placement Scores ​ ​
​ACT English Score ​SAT Placement Level
Spring 2019 and previous: 540>
Beginning Summer 2019: 480>

           English 101                          



ACT Math Score​ ​SAT Math Score Mathematics Course Placement​
21-23​ 530-570 Math​ 118, 121, 125, 140, 143


​Final Steps                           

Please email the following to Mila Simeonovska at msimeonovska@ccc.edu:                         

  1. Your course selection 
  2. A copy of your current high school ID
  3. Unofficial transcript with a home address included 
  4. Early College​ permission form​​​​​