Mission Statement
Richard J. Daley College empowers our diverse community to achieve their goals through innovative education and programming in a supportive, inclusive, and equitable environment for life‐long learning.

Richard J. Daley will be the first-choice community college through which students’ educational, professional, and cultural expectations are exceeded.

In order to fulfill its mission, Daley College and Arturo Velasquez Institute will:

  • Provide the first two years of traditional college education by offering high-quality education in Liberal Arts and Sciences;
  • Award Associate degrees and certificates to students fulfilling for Academic and Career programs;
  • Provide intellectual, cultural, and social enrichment to the College community;
  • Prepare students for career entry, advancement, or further occupational education through Career and Certificate programs;
  • Expand educational opportunities through Preparatory, Developmental and Basic Skills programs; Provide lifelong learning through Continuing Education courses and programs;
  • Develop training and partnerships to fulfill the economic needs of the private and public sectors of Chicago;​
  • Provide advising, tutoring, guidance, and related student services.

Daley College Values:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: fosters an environment where all are valued and diverse worldviews are encouraged;
  • Integrity: upholds the highest standards of accountability and respect through ethical leadership and college community engagement;
  • Life-long Learning: promotes and supports ongoing educational, personal, and professional growth.


Upon completing the General Education requirements for an associate degree at Richard J. Daley College, a student should be competent to:

Communicate effectively by writing well organized papers; making clear, well organized oral presentations; demonstrating observational and active listening skills as appropriate to the discipline; and complete reading assignments using course-specific requirements.

Think creatively, analytically, and critically by expressing views and ideas creatively through words, and the arts, analytically by being able to determine the meaning of information and use it appropriately to communicate information, and critically by assessing information from different perspectives which also can be used to resolve complex issues or equations.

Appreciate diversity (Global/Cultural Awareness) by experiencing alternative perspectives in order to make new connections to a larger world/global context, and to appreciate the differences in cultures.

Quantitatively Reason by using simple math tools to reason, evaluate, interpret, critique and draw conclusions.

Effectively use technology by acquiring skills that will allow the student to operate Blackboard, to navigate the Internet, and to use computer software and programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentations.

Value ethics by developing life and interpersonal skills that will lead to life-long learning and effective citizenship.​​​​​​​​​