About Richard J. Daley College

About Richard J. Daley CollegeRichard J. Daley College empowers our diverse community to achieve their goals through innovative education and programming in a supportive, inclusive, and equitable environment for life‐long learning.

Richard J. Daley College, a primarily Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)​, continues to respond to the changing needs of Chicago and its people by augmenting traditional studies with the technical, career, and occupational curricula that prepare students for the 21st century. Daley graduates transfer to colleges and universities all over Illinois or join the work force where they are among its most productive citizens. Daley’s main campus is located at 7500 S. Pulaski Road and its satellite campus is Arturo Velasquez Institute located at 2800 S. Western Avenue in Chicago.                                    

Program Offerings                               

Daley College offers associate degrees, shorter-term certificate programs, free adult education classes, and special interest courses.                              

Associate Degree Transfer Programs 
Take the first two years of a degree program at Daley College, then transfer to a four-year college or university and save up to $40,000 on your bachelor’s degree.            

Career Certificate Programs 
Specialized courses are available for students who intend to enter immediate employment or upgrade their professional and technical skills.             

Adult Education 
Free literacy, GED test preparation, and ESL (English as a second language) courses. 
Continuing Education 
The programs are designed to provide students with lifelong learning opportunities.             


Daley College is City College’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing programs. Industry leaders are working with Daley College manufacturing instructors to help align curriculum with new industry standards and ensure facilities provide the hands-on training needed to succeed on the job. Manufacturing classes are also available at Daley College’s satellite campus Arturo Velasquez Institute.                                


Advanced manufacturing at Daley College includes two program areas: Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machining and Factory Automation, both of which require substantial mathematics aptitude to direct and maintain computer-guided heavy machinery. Students completing certificates in these areas can earn up to $23 per hour to start, and students completing associate of science degrees in manufacturing can earn up to $32 per hour. The certificate programs are designed to empower students to easily advance to associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees.                                    

Student Resources
Daley College students have access to a host of resources to support them on their path to success including:            

Additionally, Daley College offers a variety of clubs, organizations, and athletic​ teams to support student engagement in activities outside of the classroom.


Student Body Profile
The majority of full-time students are recent high school graduates; however, many adults also attend classes. The average student age is 28 years old. Classes consist of roughly 25 students.   

Daley College is an urban campus located in Chicago’s Southwest community. The campus is accessible via public transportation:           

  • CTA Bus lines: Pulaski Road (north/south) and 76th street (east/west) buses.   
  • L-Train: The CTA Orange Line train to Pulaski stop; Pulaski bus 53A to campus.   


Affiliated Satellite Campus
Arturo Velasquez Institute (AVI)             

City Colleges of Chicago property housed and operated through Daley College   
Child Development Laboratory Center              

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