Community Education

Nancy Cortes

Director of Continuing Education (

Continuing Education non-credit courses are available for students seeking occupational skills or personal enrichment.

​Mission of Richard J. Daley College – Continuing Education Department                   

The mission of Continuing Education is to provide high
quality non-credit education and training opportunities to meet individual,
community, and professional needs of non-traditional learners and to
participate in valuable community educational partnerships that advance the
economy in the region.

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City Colleges’ Continuing Education courses are:                                                                                          


  • Non-credit courses designed for students with varied educational backgrounds and academic goals.
  • Innovative and non-traditional courses and programs in traditional and customized time frames.
  • Offered in the evenings, on weekends and in intensive workshop formats to attract students who want to earn industry certifications or take classes for personal enrichment or recreational purposes.​