Manufacturing Technology Department

David Girzadas

Dean of Advanced Manufacturing

Find your future in a high-tech career in advanced manufacturing!   Daley College prepares highly skilled technicians in computer-integrated manufacturing, robotics and factory automation.                 

Our program prepares the production and automation technicians that are now in great demand as American manufacturing technology rapidly advances.  Today’s jobs require computer skills as well as traditional mechanical skills. Daley College combines traditional learning with hands-on training on up-to-date equipment:

  • Learn computer-aided design, CNC programming, and 3-D printing, in our state-of-the-art computer lab.
  • Program, set up and operate computerized machine tools to produce parts to tolerances measured in millionths of an inch!
  • Learn the fundamentals of robotics, electricity, and electronics.  Learn to setup and repair the high-tech machines that make complex medical instruments, aircraft, locomotives, wind turbines, and the "smart electrical grid".
  • Be a part of the manufacturing renaissance in Chicago as we re-tool America for "green" renewable energy and other emerging technologies.

Teamwork and process improvement are key ingredients to success in manufacturing.  We teach business skills such as "industrial supervision," to create shop floor leaders.                       

All students in the manufacturing program at Daley College have the chance to earn industry certifications.  These credentials make students more valuable and give them the edge in the job market.                

Faculty & Staff              

​Hicks, Webb Instructor ​​​
​MacCarthy, Dr. Julie ​Director of Career Planning & Placement​
Sikora, Catherine (CJ) Instructor​​ csikora@ccc.ed​​u
​​Thompson, Charles Instructor ​​



Associate’s degree holders can earn $60,000/year or more as CNC machinists and programmers, industrial mechanics and automation technicians, engineering technicians, quality assurance professionals, and supervisors.    

Earn a Bachelor’s degree: With an A.A.S. in manufacturing technology from Daley College, students can transfer into programs at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and other schools. Students can complete a Bache​lor’s degree in a manufacturing technology field, using the college credits earned at Daley.