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Transfer in Courses to Get Credit

​To transfer in coursework taken at other institutions, official college transcripts must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at the City College you intend to enroll at.            

Transfer credits help you register for courses and may be​ used to​ help you meet the requirements for an associate degree or certificate program at the City Colleges of Chicago (CC​​C). ​​ ​​ ​  ​ ​​ ​​​           

Transfer Credit Gene​ra​l Guidelines

  • Course credits are accepted from regionally accredited institutions
  • Only final grades of "C-" or higher a​re transferable
  • Equivalent to course​s in our current Academic Catalog

Admitted stu​​dents, currently enrolled students, and former students at CCC may submit official college transcripts ​for ​evaluations. Transfer credit is processed for students who are admitted, those students who are currently enrolled, or those students who have previously attended CCC.      

Transferred course grades are not reflected in your CCC grade point average (GPA). However, the courses transferred in will be listed on your CCC student history under transfer credit. NOTE: evaluations can only be completed based upon official college transcripts.                                


We encourage you to meet with your College Advisor to find out how your transfer credit can help you select the courses you register for, and how transfer credit can be used toward completing a program at CCC.​​​ ​​​​​​





How to Transfer College Credits

  1. Submit your official transcripts to The Records office in Room A129. The Credit evaluation process takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks.
  2. Request an evaluation of your transcripts by making an appointment with an Academic Advisor in Room A120. The evaluation process is conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority being given to students who are nearing graduation.
  3. After the transfer credit evaluation has been completed, you must meet with your assigned College Advisor to review your course history.
  4. Transfer credit is posted to your Student Course History.

Questions? Contact The Gateway Student Success & Transfer Center in Room A120, or by calling (773) 481-8200 or sending an email to

Contact Information

(773) 481-8200
(773) 481-8083
4300 N. Narragansett Ave.
Advising and Transfer Center, Room A-120
Chicago, IL 60634
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