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Advising Session Tips

Advising Session Tips

Follow these tips to prepare for and maximize the value of meetings with your Academic Advisor.

New Students – prior to meeting with your Academic Advisor

  • Attend Student Orientation
  • Take your placement tests

Transfer Students

  • Obtain and submit official transcripts from all non-CCC colleges attended. Any college credit you wish to transfer to CCC to count toward graduation requirements must be processed.
  • Always bring copies of any non-CCC transcripts; your Advisor will use your transcripts to determine appropriate classes and next steps.

All Students

  • Clarify your education and career goals: Use the career planning services offered through Student Services to help research careers. Share this information with your Advisor.
  • If you are thinking about transferring to a 4-year institution, make a list of colleges and majors. Obtain and bring information about these institutions’ transfer requirements, academic program plans, and graduation requirements.
  • Check your academic plan. Go to and click My Academic Plan. Does your plan align with your education and career goals? If not, tell your Academic Advisor and consider changing your academic plan.
  • Assess your progress. Match your academic history (courses taken and credits earned) against the completion/graduation requirements of your program (available in the Academic Catalog).
  • Determine which classes you need; your Advisor can help.
  • Check for Holds. Go to Look for alerts on the right side of the screen to see if you have any holds. Take action to resolve any holds right away. NOTE: Stay informed of the rules governing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)​ to maintain financial aid eligibility.

More Tips

  • If you are struggling with your current classes, see your Advisor immediately. Help is available. In, look at the right side of the screen to find your Advisor's name and contact information.
  • Be attentive and ready to interact with your Advisor. Use this time to find out about important resources, gain more knowledge about options available to you, and actively participate in your educational experience at the City Colleges.
  • Ask questions! Advisors can provide better assistance if they know what challenges you are facing.
  • Consider your work schedule, child care and other life issues that may affect your availability when working out a class schedule.
  • Meet with your Advisor each semester! We recommend at least one meeting per semester, more frequently if needed. If you have questions between appointments, get in touch through email and by phone.
  • Be sure to take good notes of your advising sessions!

Remember: your Advisor will clarify options available and make suggestions, but you make your own decisions.​