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 Wright College Humboldt Park

Kenneth Santiago

History and Vision

The history of Wright College Humboldt Park location goes back to 1982 when the City Colleges of Chicago Board of Trustees authorized the Chancellor to identify an appropriate location for an adult learning center in the Humboldt Park community. After numerous meetings with community leaders, and working with the City of Chicago Public Building Commission, a site for the new facility was acquired in 1989.                                                                            

  • Adult Education—English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED® preparation
  • Basic Certificate Programs
  • Information Technology workshops                                                               
Associate Degree Program Offered                        
Each certificate and degree is designed as a stackable  credential.                                                                                                                        
Wilbur Wright College is City Colleges of Chicago's center of excellence for Information Technology in the College to Careers initiative, which is designed to help prepare Chicagoans for careers in high-growth industries. More than 24,000 IT job openings are expected to be available in the Chicago area in the next decade.                                                                                                                         
"Virtual Student Services"                        
For immediate support click the link below to speak to a representative from any of the different departments of your choice and select “Virtual Meeting Room”                              (ESL & GED Department)                       
"Servicio Virtual"            
Para atención inmediata por favor presione click en el enlace de abajo y un representante lo atenderá. Escoja el departamento que usted requiere y después seleccione "Reunión Virtual"            
Los Colegios de la Ciudad de Chicago y Wright College le ofrece a nuestros estudiantes el Servicio Virtual.            
Bienvenido al Centro de Bienestar Virtual. Las consultas que se ofrecen son gratuitas y confidenciales. Para ser atendido de inmediato via ZOOM o para hacer una cita, nuestros horarios son: Lunes a Jueves de 9 am- 5 pm y Viernes de 9 am - 12 pm.                  (Departamento de ESL y GED)            
For more information on the programs available at Wright College Humboldt Park                            

please contact 773-481-8300.                                                       


Click here for the guide to Humboldt Park's student resources: HPVEC Student Resource Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Swiss Multi-Axis Machining
  • Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Security & Forensic Investigation
  • Networking Systems & Technology
  • Web Development
  • Paralegal
  • Engineering
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dual Enrollment for HS Students
  • Dual Credit for HS Students
  • Star Scholarship
  • English as a Second Language(ESL)
  • High School Completion (GED/HiSET)
  • Manufacturing 
  • Online GED Courses 
  • Hybrid ESL
  • Solar Training
  • Continuing Education


Click here to see: Class Offerings                  

Fall College Credit 2022:HPVEC Template course offerings Fall 2022.pdfHPVEC Template course offerings Fall 2022.pdf   

Scholarships:Options for the Future Scholarship.pdfOptions for the Future Scholarship.pdf   

Scholarships at CCC Flyer 2022.pdfScholarships at CCC Flyer 2022.pdf    

ACCESS orientation_Flyer_Mar22.pdfACCESS orientation_Flyer_Mar22.pdf

Former Governor Rauner's visit to Humboldt Park, read the press releaseOffice of the Governor.pdf                                           

End of Year Summary 2018​​​​​​ Humboldt Park End of Year  Newsletter.pdf                    

 Are you interested in any of the following course/programs:                     



English as a Second Language(ESL)        

Summer 2022           

FALL 2022   


High School Completion (GED/HiSET)        

Summer 2022       

FALL 2022   

Continuing Education Department         

Free Cisco Classes to Chicago Residents Registration ends Friday, June 19, 2020, please visit                 




JOB TRAINING Wright JOBHIRE                  

WR Jobhire WEI Grant Flyer 8-2020.pdfWR Jobhire WEI Grant Flyer 8-2020.pdf          

Computerized Numerical Control Video Presentation                  


 Via Zoom Tutoring Center/ Test Prep                       


Covid/Latinx Community            




PCPLus CCC Vax Fair Flyer Span 2021-0405.pdfPCPLus CCC Vax Fair Flyer Span 2021-0405.pdf          

 PCPLus CCC Vax Fair Flyer Eng 2021-0331.pdfPCPLus CCC Vax Fair Flyer Eng 2021-0331.pdf​​​​​ ​​​ ​ ​ ​




Faculty & Staff

Wright College Humboldt Park Directory HP Staff Directory.pdf                       

Related Services

Contact Information

(773) 481-8300
(773) 481-8944
1645 North California Avenue
Chicago , IL 60647
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Monday-Thursday 8:00am – 7:30pm

Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm


Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm

Friday 9:00 am - 4:00pm

Saturday - By Appointment Only

Related Services

773-481-8122  or 773-481-8500                    
Virtual Meeting Room                          
Monday-Wednesday                                 9:00am -5:00pm                                    Thursday                                                 10:00am-6:00pm                                                   
Friday                                                      8:00am-4:00pm                                                                                                                            
FINANCIAL AID HOURS                          
773-481-8142  or 773-481-8100             Virtul Meeting Room                 ​                                                                            
Monday: 8:30am-12:30pm                        
Tuesday: 1:30pm-5:30pm