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Student Research and Creative Scholarship Colloquium

The Student Research and Creative Scholarship Colloquium brings together students and faculty from various disciplines and programs such as Honors Program, Great Books, Service Learning, Diplomacy Lab, Latin American and Latino Studies Program, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies in an academic conference where students share original undergraduate research, service projects, creative projects, and other academic projects with the Wright College community.            

The Colloquium features various formats: presentations, panel discussions, workshops, poster presentations, multimedia displays and demonstrations. Individual projects and presentations as well as group or class presentations are the options students could consider.            
More specific information about the colloquia and programs can be found below:           

SPRING 2021    
FALL 2020           
SPRING 2020                  
FALL 2019                 
SPRING 2019                 
FALL 2018                  
SPRING 2017                     
  • ​​The Student Research and Creative Scholarship Colloquium is sponsored by the Honors Program. 
  • Wright students can present their work at the Colloquium if sponsored by their professors. 
  • Presenters do not have to be Honors students​, but the students taking Honors courses must participate or present while students completing Honors projects in non-Honors courses must present at the Colloquium.