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Paralegal Program FAQ

  • Is Wright’s Paralegal Program approved by the American Bar Association? 
    Yes, Wright’s Program is ABA approved.  As a result, students wishing to graduate from Wright’s Paralegal Program should plan to take all of their legal courses at Wright College.

  • Is there an application or waiting list for the Paralegal Program? 
    No.  Currently students can enroll in our introductory courses: Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Civil Litigation, Family Law and/or Legal Ethics to begin the program provided they are eligible to take English 101 and college level math.  This eligibility can be determined by a placement exam or college transcripts.  Students will take English 101 as part of the Paralegal Program but no math class is currently required.  Students do not need to take all the Introductory Paralegal Courses (Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Civil Litigation, Family Law and Legal Ethics) their first semester but if they choose not to do so, it may take longer to complete other courses since these introductory courses are prerequisites for later classes.

  • How long does the program take to complete?
    Students must complete 20 courses to receive the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies.  Full time students should be able to complete the program in about two years.  Part time students and those taking less than five classes per semester will take longer to complete the program.  For example if you are only able to take three courses per semester, completion of the program will take approximately seven semesters.
  • I have never taken classes at Wright College before.  What do I need to do to register for classes?  General Admissions information is also available on Wright’s website at

  • Will I have to take a placement test to register for classes at Wright College? 
    New students who do not have prior college experience will be required to take a placement test.  Information about the test (including a study guide) and a list of upcoming placement test dates can be found on Wright’s website.

  • I have never taken any courses at Wilbur Wright or any other community college but am eager to get started on the Paralegal Program right away.  What should I take? 
    New students who have placed appropriately on their placement tests (must read at the 12th grade level or above, write at the Freshman Composition (101) level and place into college level Mathematics) should register for as many of the introductory Paralegal Program courses (Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Civil Litigation, Family Law and/or Legal Ethics) and General Education requirements as they feel comfortable taking. 

  • Do I have to take any math courses for the Paralegal Program? 
    Students must place into college level Mathematics for formal admission, but the program itself does not require the completion of a Mathematics course.  Note: completion of Math 99 with a grade of “C” or better is sufficient to meet the math placement requirement for the Paralegal Program.

  • I placed into Math 99 and I really want to start the Paralegal Program, what can I do? 
    Please contact the Paralegal Program Coordinator at (773) 481-8338 or via email

  • Will you accept transfer paralegal credits from another institution? 
    We will accept up to nine transfer credit hours of paralegal course work from another American Bar Association Approved Program.  Please see the Paralegal Program Transfer Credit Policy.

  • Is there any hands-on training in the Paralegal Program? 
    There is currently an optional 3 credit Internship course available as the final course for the Paralegal AAS program.  It is designed to enable students to combine classroom training with practical paralegal work experience through supervised on the job training in a public or private legal institution.  The internship course will include practical writing assignments (such as preparing a cover letter and resume) and aims to prepare the paralegal student for a successful start as a paralegal.

  • Does the Paralegal Program offer job placement?
    The Career Planning & Placement Center of Wright College provides quality job and career related services to the students, alumni, and community residents of Wright College that will assist them in their career, educational, and holistic development. Students can call (773-481-8527) or visit the Career Planning & Placement Center in Room S-128. 

  • Is becoming a paralegal a good idea if I think I might want to go to law school? 
    The Paralegal Program is an Associate level degree meaning you could complete your coursework in two years and begin working in the exciting paralegal field.  Being a paralegal will qualify you to work in the legal field and can help you determine if you want to go to law school.  It is important to note that accredited law schools require a Bachelor-level degree for admission, so you will need to complete additional college level work before applying to law school unless you currently have a B.A. or B.S.

  • Where can I find information about Wright’s tuition and fees?

  • Where can I find information about scholarships and financial aid? 
    You can contact our Financial Aid Office at (773) 481-8100 or look at  and

  • Who can I contact for more information about the paralegal program? 
    Please feel free to contact the Paralegal Program Coordinator at (773) 481-8338 or via email at

Note: Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.


Wright College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Illinois and Wright’s Paralegal Program is approved by the American Bar Association.