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 Latin American and Latino/a Studies (LALS)

Anna Proffit and Yolanda Nieves
What is the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Curriculum?                  

The Latin American and Latino/a Studies Curriculum at Wright College includes a set of courses across a variety of disciplines that bring alive the vast artistic, literary, and cultural contributions of Latin American and Latino/a writers, artists and thinkers through an intellectually rigorous and socially supportive learning environment. Additionally, LALS courses educate students about the Latin American and Latino/a arts and literature; the histories of Latin American and Latino/a peoples; the social and political foundations of Latin American countries; race and ethnicity in Latin America and the US; and a variety of other dynamic fields of inquiry related to language, identity, and immigration, among others.            


What does the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Curriculum offer students?                     

These courses provide general education and elective credit in transfer programs leading to the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees. They may also be transferable as credit towards majors in Humanities, English, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, and International Studies, among others.  College students who have pursued Latin American and Latino/a Studies go on to successful careers in law, social work, the media, healthcare and medicine, engineering, business, and education, among others.                     


How can you gain a certificate in Latin American and Latino/a Studies​                   

LALS offers a four-course certificate program. Students must take four courses, including one Spanish-language course, to attain the certificate. This special certification that appears on your college transcripts can impre​ss employers and college admissions officers. Students interested in pursuing college majors in Latin American and Latino/a Studies, Spanish, Political Science, Public Policy, Literature, Sociology, and other fields may use these courses as transfer credits towards degrees. ​               


Spanish Conversation Groups                   

Prof. Anna Proffit from the World Language department leads weekly Spanish conversation groups in the Wright in Your Corner Student Center, Room S-100, open to all members of the Wright College community.             


Hispanic-Serving Institution                   

Wright College is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution, where over 60% of our students are from Latin American and Latino/a backgrounds. Our Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program reinforces Wright College’s commitment to providing students with educational opportunities reflective of diverse backgrounds. The program celebrates the Wright College community’s Latin American and Latino/a heritage.  All students are welcome to take these courses. 


This program is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. 



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