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 Honors Program

Natasha Todorovich
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Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Wright College offers coursework that emphasizes in-depth and advanced understanding of the subject, creative and critical thinking applied to difficult and complex topics, multiple disciplinary approaches, diverse cultural understanding, and skills in sophisticated problem-solving. Furthermore, the coursework encourages collaboration across disciplines, engaged civic and ethical leadership, and research and advanced scholarship. The Honors Program offers two options to students: specially developed courses marked Honors or an option to complete an Honors project in a regular course through a negotiated agreement between faculty and student (“supplemental Honors contract”).                                                                               

The goal of the Honors Program at Wright College is to develop students who are:

  • ​Intellectually curious and lifelong learners; able to persist in finding answers to difficult and complex questions;
  • Intellectually tolerant; able to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty in examining difficult ideas;
  • Creative and critical thinkers across disciplines; able to co​ntextualize​ ideas and to synthesize multiple disciplines in creative ways;
  • Skilled researchers; adept at designing, articulating, and conducting research or scholarship following the academic methodologies, professional standards and conventions of their field of study;
  • Articulate in their reasoning; able to communicate their ideas in multiple media;
  • Informed and balanced agents in the world; able to articulate informed personal standards to evaluate new ideas, experiences, and cultures;
  • Engaged members of their local and global civic communities; able to articulate moral obligations of their citizenship;
  • Outstanding students; competitive in their applications for scholarships, ability to transfer, and in their job applications.


Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete four Honors courses will demonstrate in their coursework all learning outcomes for the Honors certification which are:             

  1. Quality research or scholarship in their fields;
  2. Professional quality skills in written, oral, graphical and digital communication;​
  3. Advanced knowledge of the arts and sciences as well as the interrelationship among them;
  4. Analytic skills in addressing complex ideas and texts across disciplines and incorporating multiple disciplinary perspectives;
  5. Leadership skills and engaged civic and ethical responsibility in local and global settings, both collaboratively and individually;
  6. Cultural awareness and sensitivity both to his/her own cultural traditions and those of other cultures.​​
One or two Honors courses can be replaced with one or two Honors projects through the supplemental Honors contract. This means that two additional options for earning the Honors certification would be a completion of: 1) three Honors courses and one Honors project OR 2) two Honors courses and two Honors projects.​



Faculty & Staff

​​Beverly Bennett - Social Science                                                
Mira Kolodkin - Biology                                             
Justin Lowry - Physical Science                                               
Natasha Todorovich - English                     
Michael Petersen - English, Literature                                               
Vincent Bruckert - English                                              
Susan Colon - Visual and Performing Arts (Speech)                        
Merry Mayer - Social Science                                               
Susan Calabrese - Advising
George Baird - Advising                                               
Soma Dey - Physics                                            

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