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 Disability Access Center

Sophie Levandoski:
Director - Disability Access Center
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) makes every effort to integrate students with disabilities into all courses and programs. Accommodations, based on the documentation received and the needs of the student, are designed to ensure that students, who are otherwise qualified, receive equal access to all of CCC's programs and services. CCC does not alter fundamental academic requirements, but it makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.                                                           

The mission of Disability Access Center (DAC) at Wright is to partner with students with disabilities, faculty, and staff, to facilitate​ opportunities for them to have equal access to all of our programs and services. We are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive campus community at Wright.                                   

DAC Services

DAC provides a variety of services to assist students with documented disabilities.           

DAC Student Handbook​              

Dual Enrollment Student Information​                

Accommodations for CCC Placement Exams:         
Accommodations do extend to the CCC Placement Exams. A student will need to complete an DAC Intake in order for their accommodations to be put in place for their CCC Placement exams.         
Please use the "CCC Placement Exam" link on the right-hand side of this page for further​ information regarding the CCC Placement Exams.​        

DAC Student Intake:          
Any student who has not completed a DAC Student Intake will need to complete the DAC Student Intake and upload their documentation using the links below.  Accommodations do extend to the CCC Placement Exams. A student will need to complete an intake in order for their accommodations to be put in place for the CCC Placement exams.        
Please use the link below to complete the DAC Student Intake. Within the intake form you will need to upload  your documentation of a disability. For example, an IEP/504 plan and/or medical documentation. Your documentation goes directly to the​ DAC Director and is stored in a secure location.  
Once you have completed the DAC Intake and uploaded your documentation the DAC will reach out to go over your approved accommodations, DAC policy and procedure and answer any questions.  
Once you have meet with a DAC staff member you will still need to officially request your accommodations by using the links below. Please note the accommodation request is for Wright College only.   
Semester Accommodation Request Forms:          
For returning DAC Students please use the link below to officially request your accommodations for the semester(s) you are enrolled in. The DAC will not draft accommodation letters until we have received an official request for accommodations. These request for accommodation links are for Wright and Humboldt Park campus only. Please refer to your class schedule to review which campus your class is being offered through. You will need to request your accommodation at each campus where you are taking a class.                   

Sign Language Interpreters:          
All request for SLI must be made through the DAC office. Please uses the link below for any SLI need at Wright campus.           

Student Testing Accommodations:         
For any student with the approved accommodation of a reader and/or scribe or who need a DAC proctor for an exam must complete the request form below.         
Testing Request Form (Reader, Scribe Proctor)                 

Assistive Technology          
For any student utilizing an adaptive piece of equipment on loan from the DAC must complete the form below. Equipment must be returned and/or re-checked out at the end of each semester. Failure to return equipment will result on a hold on a students account.          
Software licensee  will be deactivated at the end of each semester. Renewal for licenses on a first come first serve basis for the students with the approved accommodations for the software.

Student Agreement Forms​:            
Any student with a note taker and/or SLI as an approved accommodation will need to complete the note taker/SLI agreement form. For any student with the approved accommodation of recording the lecture will  need to complete the Record Lecture Agreement From. These forms only need to be completed one time.                        
Note Taker/SLI Agreement Form                           
 Record Lecture Agreement Form   ​                       




Faculty & Staff

Related Services

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Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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*Please call (773) 481-8015 for "between semester" hours.*