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 Assessment at Wilbur Wright College

Viggy Alexandersson
Assessment Committee Chairs

​​At the City Colleges of Chicago, assessment is considered a systematic and ongoing process that collects aggregate data about what students know and can do based on measurable student learning outcomes (SLOs)​ for:                                                     

  • General Education, i​ncluding Communications, Mathematics, Physical/Life Sciences, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Human Diversity                                            

  • College to Career (C2C) programs                                                     

  • Core courses for Academic Discipli​​​nes                         ​​​​​          

Data and information resulting from the assessment process serve to inform improvements in pedagogy, course content, the curriculum, learning resources, and student services.  Because the assessment process must be faculty owned, faculty driven, and administratively supported, u​​​tilization of assessment data by faculty is designed to improve student performance, student development, and student achievement.​              

As Wright College is an AQIP institution, assessment activities drive the educational and operational processes within Wright College. These activities play an important role in the continuous quality improvement efforts required of AQIP colleges as a part of the accreditation process. By having departmental assessment coordinators, there is continuous focus on assessment in each department.  Furthermore, through the departmental assessment coordinators, assessment projects and data are reported and shared with the entire college community through this webpage and the published assessment newsletter (AQIPment). In addition to departmental assessment projects, the assessment coordinators also drive the district-wide effort to refine and map SLOs in each discipline.​             






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