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Institutional Program Reviews

While mandated statewide by the Illinois Community College Act once every five years, program review is essentially a local process. Colleges are encouraged to integrate program review with campus planning and quality improvement processes that already exist. These processes may include but are not limited to strategic planning of instructional programming, development of the annual calendar, data submission and reporting, and accreditation review. The minimum required standard for conducting an acceptable review of programs is an analysis of program need, program cost-effectiveness, and program quality. Colleges may, however, develop additional local standards for the review and document the results in a way that is appropriate to broader campus planning and decision making processes.

Guidelines and schedules have been developed for reviews of​ four (4) major instructional program areas. Those include Academic disciplines, Career & Technical areas, Cross-disciplinary programs (i.e. general education, adult education, remedial/developmental education, vocational skills programs, and transfer functions), and Student & Academic Support Services.                                                                   

Submission of a local summary report to ICCB is required by August 1st of every year. Report format and a statewide schedule of programs to be reviewed are outlined in this manual. Exceptions to the state-level schedule may be approved to accommodate campus planning cycles and are further explained later in this manual. A compilation of local reviews by major area is written every fiscal year and presented in the Program Review Statewide Summary report.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​                                           

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