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 English & Speech Department

Tatiana Sazonova, Ph.D.
​The mission of the Department of English and Speech at Richard J. Daley College is to provide the community on the Southwest side of Chicago with educational opportunities in Composition, Literature, Speech, Journalism and Reading.  Students learn to read analytically, think critically, write effectively, and speak persuasively. Students also gain technological literacy via online research and communication. Through rigorous and relevant coursework, students become active community members, global citizens, and lifelong learners. 



Faculty & Staff

​​​Faculty Member Discipline​ Email​ ​Room
​Arredondo, Ana English​ ​ 2111​
​Banks, Dr. Camille ​English​ 2416​
​Basso, Dr. Jeremy Speech​​ ​2410
​Crenshaw, Michael English​​ ​2112
​Farley, Jeffrey English​​ ​2109
​Hakim, Dr. Ismail English & Reading​ ​ 2315​
​Haptas, Alicja ​English & Reading​ 2415​
​Held, Michael ​English​ ​2412
​Janiszewska, Bozena ​English & Reading​ ​2116
​Robinson, Christina English​ ​2413
Sazonova, Dr. Tatiana​ English​ 2107-A​
David Granja, 

​​SLO 1. Communication: Engage in prescriptive oral and written communication as well as applying active reading and listening skills. Articulate information, ideas and viewpoints in both oral and written prescriptive forms. 
SLO 2. Critical and Creative Thinking: Analyze literary and scientific texts, evaluate and synthesize a large body of material, and articulate opposing views, and formulate and support an explicit and implied thesis.
SLO 3. Global/Cultural Awareness: Widen one’s vision of the world through learning from world literature and discussions of global topics and apply this knowledge to the real world 
SLO 4. Technology: Demonstrate skills of utilizing databases for research and life; use multiple software applications to support educational and professional needs.
SLO 5. Ethics: advocate for academic integrity by applying plagiarism avoidance techniques and documenting sources 

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Chicago , IL 60652
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