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Assessment Cycle

RJDC Assessment Process will consists of a Five-Year Assessment Cycle with a two-year Assessment Plan and accompanying Report to complete a bi-annual cycle of assessment.   

The Five-Year Assessment Plan   

All Program Learning Outcomes will be assessed within a five-year period, so we know students are meeting these outcomes in each program. The list of broad Program Learning Outcomes for a program (degree or certificate) are spread evenly across a period of five years. The information gained from this assessment will feed into the five-year program review required by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB).    

The Assessment Plan and Report    

The Assessment Plans at RJDC will help to establish clear assessment initiatives for the upcoming year. It is prepared in the spring term prior to the upcoming academic year for submission in August. Assessment plans will generally include:   
  • ​A list of courses/programs being assessed in the coming year.
  • An explanation of the assessment methods that will be used to assess these courses/programs.
  • A brief explanation regarding the implementation of the plan 
The Assessment Reports at RJDC will document the department’s assessment activities carried out according to the course assessment plan. In other words, how did the faculty carry out this plan and what are the findings? The report is generally written and submitted prior to spring break in the following spring term, in April, or after spring break in the following spring term, in March when spring break is scheduled on CCC Academic Calendar to occur in March. The report provides assessment data that has been analyzed and summarized. The assessment report will generally include:   
  • ​Description or copies of assessment methods/tools used.
  • Student learning outcomes measured/documented/achieved. What did the assessment results measure? A copy of the assessment results. These are the findings from the deployed assessment tools.
  • A results analysis. This is the interpretation of the results. What do the results mean? How are the results indicative of student learning in the course/program?
  • How the assessment results have been or will be used to improve the curriculum and instruction. The goal is to use assessment results to improve student learning.