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HWC Adjunct Faculty Handbook

The City Colleges of Chicago                                                                       

About CCC                                                                       

CCC Mission Statement                                                                  

CCC Accreditation                                                                       

Talents of Teaching                                            

Building Locations     

Academic Catalog ​                                                                


About Harold Washington College (HWC)                                                                  

HWC History​                                        

HWC Mission Statement                                                                      



HWC Leadership Team                                                                   


College Contacts                                                                     

Department Chairs, Adjunct Coordinators, Academic Online Courses, and Department Secretaries          

Student Services​                                       

Online Learning​                                           


Employee Directory                                      


Preparing to Teach                                                                           

Departmental Standards: Syllabus Template                                                              

Syllabus Checklist                                                               

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) GECC Course List and IAI MAJOR Course List                                       

Student Resources                                                                

ADW/NSW (Academic & Student Policies, pp. 24-26)                                                       

Academic Calendar                                                                               


Teaching in the Remote Environment                                  

  Zoom - Video conferencing                                 

  Brightspace - Learning Management System                               

  Upcoming Trainings                                  

  Request Support ​                             

  The Committee for the Art and Science of Teaching (CAST)                    


Student Support Services                                                                       

Student Support Services Overview                                     

Navigate​ - refer your students to support services                                    

Loaner Laptop Request​                                        

COVID-19 learning supports                                      

Bookstore    ​ ​                 



Office of Information Technology (OIT)                            

Access your email​                                                                   

Password Reset                                                                        

Download Office 365 or Download other available Software​                             

Request support from OIT                                                                                                     

Reserving a computer classroom (this option is not available fall 2020)                                                                



District-wide Policies                                                                      

Academic & Student Policies Manual                                                                       

Employee Manual                       

Drug-Free Workplace Policy                        

Employee Reimbursement​ and Travel Policy                       

Equal Opportunity (EEO) Policy                        

Ethics Policy                        

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)                        

City of Chicago Indebtedness Policy                       

Mandated Reporter                        

Residency Requirement Policy                        

Responsible Computer Use Policy​                         


Human Resources                                                                        

Adjunct Faculty Contract                                                                     

Contingent Assignment Process                                                                                                              

CCC Faculty Substitution Policy                                                                      

Teaching Online                                                                       

The City Colleges of Chicago District-Wide Employee Manual                                                                        

Drug-Free Workplace Policy                                                                       

Equal Opportunity Policy                                                                       

Ethics Policy                                                                       

Mandated Reporter Policy                                                                        

Title IX                                                                        

Employee Accommodations                                                                       

Additional Employee Policies       

Remote Timesheet Completion Process                                                                 



Security/Emergency Procedures                                                          

Office of Safety and Security​                            

Evacuation plan                                                                        

CCC Alerts - Emergency Notification System                                                                      


Help Guides                   

​Faculty Portal Navigation​ - guide on faculty portal                 

Submit a grade change​ - change a final grade after submission 



Harold Washington College believes deeply in collaborative transformation.  Please check your email for upcoming service opportunities.