Director of Assessment and Evaluation

AssessmentAssessment is a systematic and ongoing process that collects aggregate data about what students know and can do based on measurable student learning outcomes.

Assessment Structure Mission Statement  

The structure of assessment at Malcolm X College empowers administrators, faculty members, and staff to improve student learning and the student experience by acting on valid and reliable data collected using a variety of measurement strategies. ​

Assessment Structure Vision Statement

Through intentional measurement of student learning outcomes, the faculty and staff of Malcolm X College will continually implement innovations to improve student learning at the classroom, program and institutional level. 

Malcolm X College is dedicated to continuous improvement. Assessment facilitates continuous improvement by allowing faculty​ and staff to:              

  • ​Collect meaningful data about student learning
  • Determine the extent of student learning
  • Implement initiatives designed to increase student learning   
Assessment happens in the classroom, within programs, in student services and co-curricular events and activities, and at the institutional level.    

Learn about the process and results for Institutional Student Learning Outcomes here.

Faculty and Staff

Each individual faculty member and staff participates in assessment in a unique way. 

The Office of Instruction supports Assessment Liaisons in their efforts to collect and manage assessment plans and data in their respective departments. Assessment for each of the programs in the Health Sciences Department is managed by the Program Directors and Medical Directors.  

Assessment of Student Learning Team 

  • Dr. Hope Essien, Mathematics Professor 
  • Evens Alexis, Mathematics Instructor​ 
  • Dr. Cynthia Doby, Phlebotomy Assistant Professor 
  • Abra Johnson, Social Sciences Instructor  
  • Jennifer Piltawer, Nursing Instructor  
  • Brian Hall, Student Services Dean 
  • Lauren Lewis, Office of Instruction Associate Dean
  • Pashal Mabry, Accreditation and Compliance