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Request Facilities - External Users

If you're seeking to rent space, its required to submit a schedule by using the facility rental web-based support application. Space requested by outside organizations may include Malcolm X College employees or students, but are not required to do so. College staff may be present to support the event, but not to facilitate it. All external organizations/individuals must ensure their event coincides with the mission of the City Colleges of Chicago.​      

Ready to start? Read the below first.             
  1. APPLICANTS: Non-MXC Employees - Organizations - Individuals.
  2. READ THE BELOW BEFORE CLICKING the 'Get Started Online' link.       
  3. To the right - 'Learn More' section, review more rental information.
  4. Click 'Get Started Online' below using Organization Account Number 508090528.       
  5. Be sure to select the 'Schedule Request tab' once the 'Get Started Online' link is selected.
  6. Leave the 'Area' section blank so you're able to review all space numbers once you click the binocular icon at the 'Schedule Request tab.'
  7. Enter ‘events14’ in​ the password field when you’re ready to submit your application.​​​​​   


    • Facilities Management office hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Saturday by appointment only
    • Event walk-throughs are Tuesdays and Wednesdays only; 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
    •  Contract, COI (Certificate of Insurance), and Jet-Pay receipt must be provided 10 days prior to the event; if a Purchase Order will be used, it must be reported soon after the application activation
    • Guest/dignitary invitation report must be submitted at time of application and an attendee listing must be provided to Safety and Security at the conclusion of an event
    • COI must reflect space and date in the Description Area and shall be provided by Permittee naming (in the Certificate Holder Section): Board of Trustees of Community College District No. 508; 180 North Wabash; Chicago, IL  60601
    • Pre-setup date should be included in your application; if such is not part of application/contract, entering prior to the event date will not be granted without a fee/contract update
    • If a reservation hold is requested and approved, its only valid for 7 business days
    • AV setup details must be confirmed a week prior to the event; contact AV at 312/850-7153 and by
    • Setup information is required a week prior to the event (diagram preferred)
    • Once an application is activated, an invoice is dispatched and a contract is requested
    • Any change request to an invoice or contract must be completed to the Auxiliary Services Director ( by e-mail
    • Due to the high volume of event requests, any call to Facilities Management not returned within 24 hours should be followed by an e-mail to the Auxiliary Services Director
    • Always confirm setup details in writing
    • Stage, additional audio-visual equipment separate to what is provided for a space, and any other special use items are subjected to an equipment use fee per item - $300 miscellaneous fee per item
    • If a gym reservation is approved for an athletic event, the client is responsible for scoreboard, referee hiring, and/or equipment
    • If a pool reservation is approved, the client is responsible for lifeguard hiring and pertinent equipment associated with the event
    • Facility usage rates are reported by invoice dispatch only; no rates reported in-person or by e-mail are valid
    • Walk-throughs will in no way guarantee an event reservation
    • Do not advertise without an executed contract


    Fees are based on cost to City Colleges of Chicago to provide the required space which includes space and staffing fees. Rental Rate document may be reviewed from 'Learn More' section.                                 

    Facility Rental Payments                                   

    To pay for a facility rental(s), please click on the link below to make an online payment via credit card (Visa, MC, Discover and Amex) or via e-check. Please note, you will be redirected to a secure webpage customized for City Colleges of Chicago but operated by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office. Once you enter the site, please go to the bottom of the page to start the payment process by clicking on the campus/location where the facility request was approved. Instructions will be provided in each box as you complete the form. After your payment is finalized, you will receive an automatic receipt via email (send the receipt to Facilities Management - Any payment questions should be directed to the Business Services Office at the site where the event/meeting will be held.                                 
    Thank you.                                  
    MAKE A PAYMENT                                    


    • Its strongly recommended that applications be submitted at least 45 days prior to the requested event date
    • Due to the high volume of event requests, any call not returned within 24 hours should be followed by an e-mail to the Auxiliary Services Director (


    External space requestors; not MXC employees.

    Contact Information

    (312) 850-7152
    (312) 850-7018
    1900 West Jackson Blvd.
    Room 0214
    Chicago, IL 60612
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