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Private Education Loan Certification Policy and Disclosures

Private Education Loan Certification Policy and Disclosures

CCC will not certify a private education loan unless the student is not receiving enough financial aid to cover the direct cost of attendance (tuition and fees and books). At the Director of Financial Aid’s discretion, students in CCC’s signature programs (for example, Nursing, French Pastry 16 or 24 week program, or Physician’s Assistant) may be certified for a private student loan beyond the direct cost of attendance.  A CCC student who is not in a signature program can only receive a private loan up to his/her direct cost of attendance minus other financial aid. CCC will not certify a private loan in lieu of a Federal Direct Loan. Additionally, a student cannot receive a private student loan if he/she is not in good standing per CCC’s academic standing policy.


All officers, employees, trustees and agents of the City Colleges of Chicago, agree to the provisions of a Code of Conduct and will refrain from:


  • Refusing to certify or delaying the certification of an education loan based on a borrower’s choice of lender

  • Assigning a first-time borrower to a particular private education loan lender through the student’s financial aid award or another means

  • Packaging a private education loan in a student’s financial aid award unless the student initiates the private loan application process and meets all of CCC’s criteria for private loan certification

  • Accepting impermissible gifts, goods, or services from a lender, lender servicer, or guarantor. The institution may accept default prevention, financial literacy, or student aid-related educational services or materials, or other items of a nominal value

  • Accepting philanthropic contributions from a lender, lender servicer, or guarantor that are related to the educational loans provided by the entity that is making the contribution

  • Serving on or otherwise participating as a member of an advisory council for a lender, lender affiliate, or lender servicer

  • Accepting from a lender or its affiliate any fee, payment, or other financial benefit as compensation for any type of consulting arrangement or other contract to provide education loan-related services to or on behalf of the lender

  • Accepting fees or other benefits in exchange for endorsing a lender or the lender’s loan products

  • Requesting or accepting an offer of funds for private education loans from a lender, in exchange for our promise to provide the lender with placement on a preferred lender list, or a certain number or volume of private education loans


The City Colleges of Chicago is committed to providing the information and resources necessary to help every student achieve educational success with minimal debt.  We encourage you to contact your Financial Aid Office if you have any additional questions/concerns regarding your financial aid status.