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Collaborate Training

Untitled Document New Web Conferencing Tool ‘Collaborate’ Workshop

City Colleges of Chicago has made available a new online web conferencing tool. The new web conferencing tool, Collaborate, allows you to host or participate in a web conference anywhere, anytime.

This tutorial is designed for any employee who uses or must schedule Web conferencing sessions.
Collaborate Web conferencing tool supports the following features:

  •     Meet with anyone world-wide. No CCC account required
  •     Live video for up to six cameras
  •     Live audio for up to six simultaneous speakers
  •     Whiteboard for PowerPoint and images
  •     Annotation
  •     Text editor
  •     Web tours
  •     Application sharing
  •     Polling
  •     Chat
  •     Recordings for playback on demand

How to schedule a Collaborate session

You have two options:
  • If you have access to a Blackboard course for your department or group, follow the instructions below labeled "How To Schedule a Collaborate Session Using Blackboard".
  • Or use the "Get Started Online button on the previous page and we will schedule it for you.
First Time Users:

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing System Test and Help Files

  • Check your System Requirements
  • Test Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing in the Configuration Room
  • Access Training resources
  • Learn more about Blackboard Collaborate  

How To Schedule a Collaborate Session Using Blackboard

  1. Log in to Blackboard at
  2. Locate and enter your course by clicking the course link
  3. From Control Panel expand Course Tools
  4. Click Blackboard Collaborate.

    1. If you don’t see Blackboard Collaborate

      Expand Customization > Click Tool Availability > Check off  Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager >Click  submit and return to step 3.

  5. Click Create Session

  6. Enter Session Title
  7. Set all options as needed
  8. If this is a regularly scheduled meeting check Repeat Session
  9. Check Allow In-Session Invite
  10. Scroll to the top and click Content Area
  11. Check the folder where you would like to place the link to the session for participants.
  12. You may want to create a special fold called Video Conferencing.

  13. Scroll to the top and click Participants

  14. In section 2 click Allow Unregistered Guests
  15. Click Submit

To invite guests you must generate a guest link
  1. Mouse over the new session
  2. Click the down arrow chevron
  3. Click Guest Link
  4. Copy the URL from the blue box and email it to all guests
Start your session 15 minutes before the scheduled start time

  1. Control Panel
  2. Blackboard Collaborate
  3. Your session is now a link
  4. Click the session link
  5. You will be prompted to save a file
  6. Save it in a location you are familar with, (Desktop or Downloads),
  7. Double click the file to launch
  8. You will see Java 6 or 7
  9. It may take a few minutes to launch. Do not click the file again
  10. Use the link to the right to practice managing a session

If you used the "Get Started Online" button on the previous page:

  • You will recieve two links via email. 
    • One for you as the moderator
    • One for guests

To learn how to manage a session use the Collaborate Moderator's Hanbook link to the right