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 Sterile Processing Technician

Dane Matthews
Program Director
About Mission Requirements Application                       

Sterile Processing Technician - Health Science Open House at Malcolm X College ​   

To Apply to Program:

  • Complete program prerequisite courses.  
  • Submit Non-CCC official college transcripts.  
  • Calculate admissions cumulative GPA.  
  • Apply to Program in Student Portal [

To Learn More About Program and Admissions:




The Sterile Processing Program provides the student with classroom and onsite Sterile Processing Department experience. It focuses on the necessary specialized education and working in the Central Service Department.                       ​        


This Basic Certificate program in Sterile Processing program presents the basic concepts and principles for developing skills and competencies required for infection prevention and control in the sterile processing department in a health care facility. The program offers basic knowledge related to instrumentation connected with surgical procedures.  Students will be involved in processes such as cleaning, disinfecting, decontamination, sterilization, standard precautions, and universal precautions as well as gain basic knowledge concerning various types of central service equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning, washer sterilizers, cart washers, autoclaves, sterissterrad and ethylene oxide (ETO) machines.           


Program Mission 

The Malcolm X College Sterile Processing Certificate Program provides  educational and professional development through collaboration efforts with allied partners, members, and associates, the Malcolm X Sterile Processing Certificate Program prepares the student to assume the entry level responsibilities of a Sterile Processing Technician. The program strives to promote patient safety worldwide, and foster personal and professional achievement .                    


Admission Requirements 


  • Earn a grade of “C” or higher in English 101 Composition
  • Submit official college transcripts from all accredited colleges attended outside of City Colleges of Chicago.
  • As defined by Illinois State Law (225ILCS46/25): 
    • All healthcare workers and student health care workers are required to undergo a criminal background check in order to work in a clinical setting.  A student with a positive background check containing disqualifying conditions will not be allowed to enter the clinical portion of this program, thus preventing the student from obtaining mandated certification and/or licensure in Sterile Processing. Please contact the Program Director to discuss disqualifiers. The applicant is responsible for the cost of the background clearance. Prior to clinical placement, the student will be required to provide a cleared drug screen at their own cost.         

Program Graduates will meet the requirements to sit for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam.                      



Submitting Application within Student Portal ( )       


  • Under “My Academic Plan”
  • Within “Academic Planning”
  • Click “Selective Application”                   



Sterile Processing Clinical

Faculty & Staff

Name Email                 Phone Room
Dane Matthews​ (312) 850-7351 2103 A
​​Delila Rodriguez ​ ​​(312) 850-7352 ​2103-027
​Nichole McClelland ​ ​(312) 850-7358 ​2103-024
​Geraldine Pate ​ ​(312) 850-7351 ​2301

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Contact Information

(312) 850-7351
Room 2103-A
Chicago , IL 60612
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Mondays – Friday
9:00a.m. –4:00p.m.


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