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Sterile Processing - Programmatic Outcomes Data

  FY18 ​​FY19
Enrollment  20 15​
Retention  90% 73%​
Completion 50% ​47%
Job Placement Rate N/A ​N/A

Glossary of Terms

The number of students that enrolled in the program for the first time in the Fall semester of the fiscal year.       
The percent of the enrollment cohortᵻ that were retained to the subsequent Spring semester of the program.    
The percent of the enrollment cohortᵻ that completed the certificate within the 100% timeframe (two semesters) of the program.      
Job Placement Rate:     
The percent of graduatesᶤ that are employed in sterile processing within the first twelve months after program completion.     
ᵻ Enrollment Cohort:     
Students that enrolled in the program for the first time in the Fall semester are designated as the enrollment cohort for that fiscal year. There is one enrollment cohort for this program per fiscal year.       
ᶤ Graduates:      
Students that completed the program in the same fiscal year.      



Job Placement Data Source: Job placement data is collected by Malcolm X College’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness through a Fiscal Year Graduate and Certificate Completer Survey for all career and technical education (CTE) programs. This survey is administered through Qualtrics, between 12 or 18 months post-completion. Additionally, The Program Director collects job placement data at the time of completion (0 months) up until 12 months from completion.     


N/A: Not available for this fiscal year.  

* Job placement rates are not reported when there are fewer than three job placement survey respondents due to student confidentiality​