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Approximate Program Cost

CITY COLLEGES OF CHICAGO - MALCOLM X Paramedic Program Cost – Estimates for Class 2017-18
(14 credits)
EMT 221 (9 credits)
EMT 222 (5 credits)
CCC tuition rate for 14 credit hours* $1753.00

Approximate fall semester cost 

(14 credits)
EMT 223 (9 credits)
EMT 224 (5 credits)
CCC tuition rate for 14 credit hours* $1753.00

Approximate spring semester cost 

(6-8 credits)
EMT 227 (6 credits) Internship
CCC tuition rate for 5-11 credit hours* $1069.00
Resource Hospital fee 500.00

Approximate summer semester cost 


Expenses (all costs are estimates)

Book cost 360.00
Background check 70.00
Physical exam & blood work (approximate) 130.00
Uniform - pants / polo shirt / patches (approximate) 80.00
Platinum Ed – clinical tracking system 80.00
Continuing Education Class - Specialty certification courses in ACLS, ITLS, PEPP 110.00

Total estimate cost for three semester program 

Cost for post-course licensing exams
STATE IDPH exam registration fee $40.00
NATIONAL NREMT exam registration fee (written) $110.00
NREMT practical exam fee @ MX (if offered) $40.00
*Note tuition structure from the City Colleges of Chicago home website.
All students are required to carry their own health insurance for the entire duration of the Paramedic Program. The above does not include student health insurance cost.