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 Office of Instruction

Dr. Shawna BuShell
Dean of Instruction
General Education Mission Statement              

Malcolm X College’s General Education curriculum empowers students to acquire the broad base of knowledge necessary to understand their personal, moral, and ethical responsibilities to act as leaders.                                                                                  
The learning experiences provided through general education are designed to build effective communication skills, to strengthen critical thinking, to foster analytical inquiry, to inspire awareness of history, to embrace diversity, cultural pride and identity, and to form a basis for responsible citizenship.                                                                                   
 What we do                                                                                   

The Office of Instruction administers the General Education curriculum at Malcolm X College. Included in the General Education curriculum are courses in the disciplines of fine arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, world languages, and written and oral communication.                                                                                                     

General Education courses enable students to learn and apply scholarship from multiple disciplines in order to solve complex and everyday academic, social, ethical, and philosophical problems of local and global significance.                                                                                                      

Courses within the General Education curriculum help students develop abilities in:                                                                                                      

  1. Critical, ethical, and logical thinking
  2. Effective communication
  3. Quantitative reasoning
  4. Scientific competency
  5. Technological and information literacy
  6. Global consciousness​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Fall 2021 Credit Courses 



Faculty & Staff

Name Email Phone Office
Dr. Shawna BuShell​
Dean  - Office of Instruction​ (312) 850-7297
Byron Javier
Associate Dean - Office of Instruction (312) 850-7126 2401-S
​Glasetta Barksdale
Associate Dean - Office of Instruction
​ ​(312) 850-7288 ​​2401-R
​Sheila Vaughn
Coordinator - Office of Instruction
​ ​(312) 850-7302 ​2401-W
​Aletha Cole
Communication Co-Chair
​ ​(312) 850-4546 ​2415-25
​Andrew Ball
Communication Co-Chair
​ ​(312) 850-7296 ​2415-C
​Dr. Pok Hon Yu
Humanities & Fine Arts Dept. Chair
​ ​(312) 850-7325 ​2401-U
Dr. Erin McMurray
Life Science Co-Chair
(312) 850-4569
​Dr. Imran Khan
Life Science Co-Chair
​ ​(312) 850-7237 ​​2401-L
Opal Jones
Mathematics Dept. Chair (312) 850-4577 2401-O
​Gabriel Espinosa Martinez
Physical Science Dept. Chair
​ ​(312) 850-4581 ​​2401-95
Abra Johnson
Social Science Dept. Chair (312) 850-4575 2401-62
Peggy Rademaker, Director
Tutoring Services - Academic Support (312) 850-7469 2302
Tamara Townsend
Library - Carter G. Woodson Library (312) 850-7249 2300
Clerical Support      
​Rosalinda Barrera,
College Library Assistant II,
​ ​(312) 850-3527 ​2300B
​Tonya Gilmer,
College Clerical Assistant II,
English, Lit, Speech, Hum & Fine Arts
​ ​(312) 850-7306 ​​2401-43
Mary Mejicanos,
College Receptionist II,
Office of Instruction (312) 850-4503 2401
Victoria Walker,
College Clerical Assistant II,
Natural and Social Sciences (312) 850-7337 2401-67

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Contact Information

(312) 850-7302
(312) 850-7338
1900 W. Jackson Blvd.
Room 2401-W
Chicago , IL 60612
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