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 Level UP - Office of Instruction

Glasetta Barksdale
Associate Dean of Instruction / Interim Project Director

What is Level Up?   

Level Up is a supportive readiness program that helps to prepare students for college-level Math and English coursework. The primary goal of Level Up is to have more college students begin with fewer pre-college level requirements, and therefore, a much better chance of college success. This program aims to prepare students for college-level coursework in a college environment.

Level Up Benefits   

  • Save on tuition and textbooks  
  • Eliminate up to 3 semesters of classes 
  • Accelerate education in English and Math 
  • Develop a support system with peers, faculty, and staff 
  • Get involved with a close community of highly motivated peers and supportive teachers 

Level Up Qualifications   

Students who place below the college-level requirements in Math and/or English classes qualify for Level Up. College-level requirements are a 6 on the Reading to Write exam and 46 or higher on the ALEKS exam. Students who score below these college-level benchmarks qualify for the Level Up program.   

Program Registration   

Students can register by contacting their Academic Advisor or by completing the Pipeline to Careers in Health Care: Level Up Interest Form   

Spring 2020 Level Up Results   

88% of Level Up Math participants had a 63% or higher increase in test results 
82% of Level Up Math participants placed into college-level math  
38% of Level Up English participants increased placement scores by one or more levels  
25% of Level Up English participants tested into college-level English​  



Faculty & Staff





Glasetta Barksdale   

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Amanda Johnson      

(312) 850 7397    


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