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The educator will be able to build on student strengths and access resources that can support the student and themselves in this effort (Teemant & Pinnegar, 2019). Our department's mission is to empower students with the mathematical literacy needed to:                                           

  • Achieve career success in the workplace in an era of increasingly global markets and business outlooks. 
  • Achieve academic success in the various certificate, career and associate degree programs offered at 
  • our college. 
  • Transfer successfully with the skills needed to complete programs at other academic institutions. 
  • Achieve personal enrichment and success in their everyday lives.​


MATH 118                  

MATH 121                 
MATH 125                 
MATH 140                 
MATH 144                 
MATH 146                 
MATH 204                 
MATH 207                 
MATH 208                 
MATH 209                  
CIS 101                 
CIS 102                 
CIS 103                 
CIS 111  ​              


Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:                        

1. Identify and represent elementary functions (defined as polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic functions) numerically, graphically, algebraically and verbally.                 

2. Determine properties of elementary functions such as domain and range, intercepts, symmetry, or the average rate of change.                    

3. Graph and analyze elementary functions.                 

4. Relate the effect of transformations on graphs of functions and their corresponding equations.            

5. Perform operations on functions, including composition of functions.             

​6. Determine the inverse of a function from multiple representations.                

7. Simplify exponential and logarithmic expressions using their properties.                   
8. Solve linear, quadratic, higher degree polynomial, exponential and logarithmic equations.              

9. Solve polynomial and rational inequalities.          

10. Graph and determine the equations of circles.     

11. Solve systems of linear and non-linear equations using various methods.                    

12. Apply elementary functions to contextual situations.  ​