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HLC Reaccreditation Timeline

October 2015
President Sanders charges MXC’s Office of Accreditation to carry out reaffirmation steps ​and a timeline is presented 

October 2015
HLC Assurance Argument Steering Committee and HLC Criterion Committees established through MXC’s Office of Accreditation & Compliance (OAC) 

November 2015
Criterion and Steering Committees meet 

January 2016
MXC relocates to new building and Criterion Committee meetings resume 

February 2016
Criterion Committee Chairs charged with identifying evidence for the Assurance Argument and uploading to a shared space 

March 2016
Professional development for Steering Committee and subcommittees (i.e., Open pathway, Criterion and Core Components, Elements of an Assurance Argument, Oakton’s Quality Initiative Update)

March 2016
Steering Committee works with college advancement to develop a communications plan

March 2016
Identify and structure data sets and documents for the Evidence File for each of the five Criteria

March 2016
Steering Committee reviews Assurance Argument management tools

April 2016
Accreditation & Compliance Manager (ALO) and Senior Leadership attends HLC Annual Conference (Chicago)

April 2016
Subcommittees evaluate the data sets and documents for the evidence file using the set criteria

April 2016
Steering Committee recommends completing the Assurance Argument writing and revisiting evidence at a later date

April – July 2016
Working with the subcommittees, the Steering Committee helps manage any necessary updates to the documents for the Evidence File

August 2016
Office of Accreditation and Compliance forms a Federal Compliance Committee

August 2016
MXC (HLC) Website Committee established

August-December 2016
Criterion Committees begin writing Assurance Argument; Steering Committee continues with meetings

September 2016
Accreditation team analyzes evidence needed for Federal Compliance and Assurance Argument 

September 2016
Criterion One Committee presents to college on Mission Statement 

October 2016
Criterion Five Committee presents at college-wide meeting on shared governance 

October 2016- February 2017 
Assurance Argument writing sessions held 

March 2017
Criterion Chairs submit first written drafts 

April 2017
Steering Committee reviews and provides feedback to the criteria chairs 

May 2017
Core Writing team and Historical Committee formed 

June-September 2017
Writing/Editing continues with Core Writing Team, Historical Committee and Steering Committee 

June 2017
HLC Steering Committee and the Office of Accreditation & Compliance engages in evaluation of data, reports and other evidence 

August 2017
Office of Accreditation & Compliance conducts HLC Assurance Argument forum and informational session for faculty 

August 2017
Submission of the Quality Initiative Report 

September 11-12th, 2017
HLC Campus Evaluation Visit 

October 2017
Quality Initiative Report accepted by HLC peer review panel 

October 2017
Criteria sessions are held for faculty and staff during College-wide meeting 

October 2017
Steering Committee submits draft of entire Assurance Argument to President and Office of Accreditation & Compliance (OAC) 

October 2017
OAC has an HLC Reaffirmation Informational Table for current students (main campus) 

November 2017
President submits report for review by District Office 

November 2017
OAC conducts HLC Assurance Argument mock-site visit meetings for faculty and staff 

December 2017
Finalize Federal Compliance and Assurance Argument

January 2018
Assurance Argument uploaded to HLC assurance system 

March 12-13, 2018
Higher Learning Commission’s comprehensive visit to Malcolm X College (MXC)  

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