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Grade Policy

Grade Policy

Grades are awarded to students based on their academic performance and attendance in each class. Instructors will inform students, via the syllabus, of the grading requirements at the beginning of the course. 

Grade Designations

Grades issued to degree seeking students which apply towards graduation and are recorded on students’ permanent academic record or transcript are used to calculate students’ grade point average (GPA).

Grading Basis for Remedial, Credit and Skills Classes

​Grade ​Description ​Points
A​ Excellent​ 4​
B​ Good​ 3​
C​ Average​ 2​
D​ Minimum Passing​ 1​
F​ Failure​ 0​

The following grades are issued to non-degree seeking students to record status of course completion:

Grading Basis for Foundational Studies & Continuing Education Classes

​Grade ​Description ​Points
S​ Satisfactory​ -​
​F Failure​ -​

Grading Basis for Adult Education Classes

​Grade ​Description ​Points
P​ Student has completed all course and level requirements and should take a course at the next level​ -​
R​ Student has completed all course requirements; however, more work is needed at this level. The student should be placed in another course at the same level​ -​
F​ Student has failed to meet the requirements of this course​ -​

For additional details concerning CCC's grading policy, please refer to the Student Policy Manual.