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 Early College - Dual Enrollment

Dr. Shawna BuShell
Office of Instruction
Welcome to the MXC Early College Page!        
Malcolm X College and the City Colleges of Chicago System are dedicated to creating opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit prior to graduating high school.       
High school juniors and seniors may have the opportunity to enroll in college level courses before graduation. This can reduce both the amount of time and money needed to complete your two-year and four-year degree. In addition, students that earn college credit in high school are more likely to graduate high school and continue through college.       
Students at participating high schools may elect to take a CCC college course at their school (dual credit) or students can take a class at one of the seven CCC campuses (dual enrollment) while they are still enrolled in high school.       
Students must be at least a junior or senior in high school or 16 years old by the time they start a Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment class. If student is younger than 16 and not a high school junior, the student must demonstrate college readiness in Math and Reading/Writing, secure a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher, and obtain permission​ from the College President to participate.       
This opportunity is open to qualifying students from any high school type (CPS, private, parochial, alternative, and/or home-schooled students). In order to be free of charge, students must be residents of Chicago and receive a C or better in their college courses.      
Most courses require that students be college ready as demonstrated by the ACT, SAT, or the CCC Placement Test. (See cutoff scores below).       
To learn more about early college, please be sure to review the Early College Handbook.    

Step 1: Apply online (select dual credit/enrollment, FA21, and MXC)      
  • - Refer to this Guide to successfully submit application
    • 24-48 hours after applying, you will receive an email from CCC Account Management with your CCC ID & username.
    • Log into your student portal ( to take your placement exam(s). If you have any issues logging in, please refer to this password overview document.
Step 2: Submit Early College Documents      
  • Compose an email with your CCC ID number in the Subject Line of the message and/or your Full Name and Date of Birth in your signature line to
  • Attach the following completed documents to the email
    • DE Permission Forms - List class titles and 5 digit course number of your top 3  choices on page 1
      • See Class Options via the Class Schedules (make note of days, times, and location)
      • Work with your high school counselor to decide top 3 classes
    • Transcript (unofficial is sufficient)
    • ID (Driver's License, State/City ID, or School ID)​
Step 3: Meet Prerequisites (Submit qualifying ACT/SAT Scores or Take Placement Exams)      
Step 4: Attend Registration & Orientation Sessions (ALL Students, New AND Returning)  ​​​​​



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