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Mission, Goals, Outcomes

Mission statement:

The mission of the Malcolm X Dental Hygiene Program is to educate students to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care to diverse populations, utilizing critical thinking and evidenced-based decision making

Program Goals

  • ​Provide educational experiences that prepare graduates to be licensed entry -level dental hygienists.
  • Introduce students to community service opportunities so that they will become socially responsible
  • Prepare students to deliver comprehensive dental hygiene care to diverse patient populations in a variety of setting
  • Prepare graduates who will uphold ethical principles in the provision of dental hygiene care.
  • Provide students with an educational foundation that will enable them to continue their academic and/or professional development.

Program Competencies

  • ​​​​Integrate aspects of dental sciences into the provision of evidenced-based patient centered care.
  • Demonstrate entry level skills necessary for the dental hygiene process of care:  assessment, planning implementation evaluation and documentation.
  • Develop a personal philosophy of social responsibility through varied clinical outreach experiences.
  • Apply a professional code of ethics in all endeavors.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills to provide care to diverse populations.
  • Critically self-assess and implement corrective action for professional growth.
  • Apply principles of evidenced-based research to the provision of dental hygiene care.
  • Participate in community outreach as an oral healthcare professional.​