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HLC Comprehensive Evaluation

Accreditation and Compliance
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Reaffirmation of Regional Accreditation
​​The process for reaffirmation, led by the Office of Accreditation and Compliance at Malcolm X College has been collaborative across the entire campus community. The process has been lead through committee work. These committees include committees for each criterion made up faculty, staff, and administrators; a federal compliance committee; a historical committee; website committee and the HLC Steering Committee. 

If you have questions regarding Malcolm X College’s institutional accreditation, please contact us at
Comprehensive Evaluation Process
Malcolm X College (MXC) will be hosting its ten-year reaffirmation visit by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in 2027-2028. The last Reaffirmation of Accreditation was in 2017-2018. MXC is currently under the Open Pathway for HLC. 

There are five components to the compressive evaluation and reaffirmation process under the HLC Open Pathway:              

  1. Quality Initiative (QI): Completed between years 5 and 9 of the 10-year cycle. The QI provides the college with the opportunity to develop or continue a quality improvement project.
  2. Federal Compliance Review: A report submitted within the last year of the 10-year cycle to ensure the college is in compliance with Title IV program responsibilities and other U.S Department of Education Regulations under the Higher Education Act.
  3. Assurance Argument: A comprehensive narrative with supporting evidence submitted by the college within the last year of the 10-year cycle. The argument is the college’s opportunity to address how it has met the HLC criterion for accreditation.
  4. Student Opinion Survey: Survey completed electronically by current students and that informs HLC peer review teams about students’ opinions and experiences at the institution. The survey is an opportunity for students to participate in the reaffirmation process.
  5. Comprehensive Evaluation Visit: Is an on-site, 1.5-day visit to the college by an assigned team of HLC peer reviewers. The purpose of this visit is to verify that statements made by the college in submitted materials are accurate, as well as to review the college’s capacity to meet criteria for accreditation.