AdmissionsWelcome to Olive-Harvey College, home of the Panthers! The Admissions team is excited to help you along your educational journey! Olive-Harvey College is an open enrollment institution and students are accepted year-round.

Olive-Harvey College Credit Admissions Steps:

  1. Apply – Complete the Admissions Application.
  2. Log into – Once you apply, you will receive an email from with temporary log-in information. Be sure to update your password and remember it!
  3. Verify Academic Placement – You can verify your academic placement level by taking a test, or by ​presenting a college transcript or official ACT/SAT or AP scores to your Olive-Harvey Admissions Specialist.
  4. Placement Tests – Once you can access the student portal you can take the online placement test. Since the test(s) are very important we recommend you review our placement test website, and visit the Olive-Harvey Tutoring Center prior to beginning your test(s).
  5. Previous Col​lege Credit – Students with a grade of "C" or better in equivalent college-level English and/or Math courses may be exempt from the placement test(s). Students must show proof of an accredited college transcript.
  6. ACT/SAT or AP Scores – Students with valid ACT scores (17 in Math and/or English) or AP test scores (3 or higher) may be exempt from the placement test. ACT scores are valid for four years
  7. Attend Orientation – Once you have completed your placement test, you will attend New Student Orientation. At Orientation, you will meet an Academic Advisor who will assist you in choosing and registering for classes!


Olive-Harvey College Adult Education Admissions Steps:

Olive-Harvey College offers free GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and U.S. Citizenship preparation classes. We welcome all! The Adult Education dates for registration vary from those above. To register, visit the Adult Education Department in the main Olive-Harvey building (office 3114) or South Chicago Learning Center (office 001).

Key Application Dates & Deadlines                             

City Colleges of Chicago is now accepting applications for the 2024 academic year.​Please visit the Admissions Office or call 773-COLLEGE for more information.

Classes  Registration Deadline      Classes Start ​​
​Summer 2023 June 3rd June 7th
​Fall 16-Week August 20th August 24th
​Fall 12-Week September 21th  September 25th
Fall 8-Week​ October 19​th October 23rd​




Students submitting transcripts from colleges or universities can submit official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office where the student intends to register and/or request a transcript evaluation to receive transfer credit.  We strongly encourage requesting official transcripts to be sent electronically. Please note, official transcripts are required to receive transfer credit.  Students transferring credit to City Colleges of Chicago are required to submit official college transcripts reflecting all college credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions previously attended.  Please email your college Registrar’s Office​ with any questions.


Note: if unofficial transcripts are submitted as part of the admission process, they will not be evaluated for transfer credits and official transcripts will still be required for future enrollment and transfer credit evaluation.






If you meet one of the criteria below, you can apply for a transcript waiver which, if approved, will allow you to register for classes without submitting an official transcript.

  • Your transcript is from a non-regionally accredited college/university.
  • You did not complete any college credit at your college/university (withdrawal) as validated by an unofficial transcript.
  • You did not earn any transferable grades (A, B, or Cs) at your college/university as validated by an unofficial transcript.
  • Your official transcript cannot be obtained due to college/university closing or natural disaster.
  • You have proof your official college transcript was sent to CCC. An unofficial transcript must be submitted in the interim.
  • You cannot obtain an official college transcript due to prior debt, and you have proof of being enrolled in a payment plan or of a recent payment transaction to that institution. However, you agree to submit an official transcript to CCC once your debt is cleared.
  • You have proof of an official international college/university transcript evaluation order (within the past 30 days).
  • You have earned multiple degrees and do not need to submit non-relevant college/university transcripts such as a masters or doctorate degree. Only undergraduate college work is required via official college transcript(s).

If you think that one of the above criteria applies to you, please complete the transcript waiver form Official_College_Transcript_Waiver_Form_Final [PDF]. If you have any questions, contact your Admissions Office.




Are you a junior in High School looking to take college classes?

City Colleges of Chicago offers free college-level classes to high school students through our Early College Program that offers Dual Enrollment and Dual C​redit options. You can learn more here.                                 


Schedule a group tour​

Visit with us for a glimpse at college life! Take a tour of our campus, be involved in an interactive experience, and learn about the steps to gaining college admissions. Schedule a group tour ​now.


Why City Colleges of Chicago Is a Great Choice

  • Olive-Harvey College is one of the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC). At CCC we are committed to providing you a broad range of educational opportunities and services to help you achieve your goals. We serve diverse students, including full-time, part-time, new, returning, transfer, career seeking, disabled, under-represented, military veteran, and international students.
  • Throughout our 100 year history, City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) has provided pathways to success for more than 1 million alumni. Learn more about CCC – student success stories and our innovative College to Careers program.
  • Student success involves much more than what happens in the classroom. That’s why we have Stu​​​​​dent Services teams at each of our colleges; they provide a wide range of services to help you succeed. Also be sure to join one of our student clubs or organizations.


For more information, contact the Admissions office at (773) 291-6732.