Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute

Jewel Mideau

Executive Dean, Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute

Washburne Culinary & Hospitality InstituteWashburne’s world-class kitchens and focus on hands-on training give graduates the edge when moving into the food service industry.

Founded in 1936, Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute is one of the oldest culinary schools in the nation and provides students with the latest culinary and baking techniques, along with essential hands-on experience to ensure they are equipped to work in Chicago’s most successful restaurants, hotels, private clubs and other culinary establishments.                             

Washburne offers three programs: Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Baking & Pastry Arts.  There is no better culinary school in Chicago to earn an affordable certificate and/or associate degree than Washburne under the guidance and leadership of experienced chef and hospitality instructors. Classes at Washburne closely represent industry expectations and are reflected in rigorous classroom lab experiences.                               

Hospitality Management supports the growth of the foodservice and hotel industry from an operational aspect.  Classes focus on restaurant and hotel operations emphasizing a guest-centered yet financially responsible approach to management.                                   

Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute is one of City Colleges of Chicago’s College to Careers sites, where we are working with industry leaders to ensure our curriculum provides students with the skills that are most important and valuable in the working world. Some of our College to Careers partners include:                          

  • Compass
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Food for Thought
  • Rome’s Joy Catering
  • White Lodging
  • Gonnella Baking Company
  • Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
  • Hammack Hospitality 
  • Bedderman Lodging
  • Beam Suntory

Washburne also participates in

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Email
Jewel Mideau  Executive Dean-Washburne jmideau@ccc.edu​
​Dr. Zalika Landrum ​Associate Dean, College to Careers ​zlandrum@ccc.edu
​Jamilah Karim  ​College Administrative Assistant  ​jkarim@ccc.edu
​Colin Campbell ​Food & Beverage Director  ​ccampbell116@ccc.edu
​Eddie Holloway ​Purchasing & Operations Manager  ​eholloway3@ccc.edu
​Marjorie Hyland  ​Director of Workforce Partnership ​mhyland1@ccc.edu
​Delfina Perez ​Training Specialists  ​dperez36@ccc.edu
Marshall Carter Training Specialists  ​mcarter95@ccc.edu
Jessica Carroll ​Training Specialists  ​jcarroll33@ccc.edu
​Daniel Lentz Training Specialists ​dlentz1@ccc.edu
​Gabriel Alvarez ​Training Specialists ​galvarez33@ccc.edu
​Cara Benski-McPhee ​​Training Specialists ​cbenski-mcphee@ccc.edu
Scott Lopez ​Training Specialists ​slopez309@ccc.edu
Michelle Perrucci  ​​Training Specialists ​mperrucci@ccc.edu
Matthew Satow ​​Training Specialists​ ​msatow@ccc.edu
​Jasmine Day Vocational Lecturers ​jday33@ccc.edu
​Erica McGhee Vocational Lecturers ​emcghee3@ccc.edu
Adriana Martell Vocational Lecturers ​amartell3@ccc.edu