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Writing Support

Writing Support:   

Academic Support Services is pleased to offer Writing Support to the Harold Washington College community. Our goals are to support academic excellence and to empower students in their academic pursuits.   

If you need assistance with writing, developing a paper or an essay, HWC offers free writing support to students.    

Services provided include the following:   

·         Supportive, invested, and well-trained professional tutors who are invested in the writing process, as they are experienced writers themselves   

·         ESL specialist tutors with a linguistics background   

·         The opportunity to meet with tutors face-to-face or to receive remote tutoring   

·         A collaborative relationship with HWC library to support writers in their research and research integration   

·         Writing workshops specifically designed to address the needs of student writers    

What to Expect:         

Writing support sessions typically last about 50 minutes. You will be paired with a tutor who will ask to see your assignment sheet and will ask you questions in order to better understand your needs for the session. The tutors will not edit your paper or write the paper for you. A session is meant to be a helpful conversation about your writing-- as the author of your paper, you are in control. Remember: every writer seeks feedback, even professionals!         

What to Bring:              

Please bring your assignment sheet, any relevant notes, and any writing you have completed. You should also be prepared to take notes/make changes on your paper during the session.          

When to Arrive:              

Please arrive promptly for your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment or you will be late please notify your Tutor. If you are a walk-in be prepared to make an appointment if tutors are currently in a session.   


8-Week Classes Start March 11