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 Academic Support Services: Tutoring

Veronica Villanueva
Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Harold Washington College's Tutoring Center offers free tutoring and academic support services to assist students in achieving personal and academic success. Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects to assist students through one-on-one and group ​tutoring sessions. We encourage any student to seek tutoring to gain a deeper comprehension of course content and to enhance learning development. 


Harold Washington is offering online tutoring!     

Taking advantage of our online tutoring services is quick and easy. You have three tutoring options:

  • Option 1: Drop-in to the HWC Virtual Tutoring Room for Immediate Assistance       
    Join our virtual tutor room for immediate tutoring assistance:
    Monday- Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
    Friday & Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm​

  • Option 2: Request an Appointment with Your Favorite HWC Tutors 
    Request an appointment through your Navigate portal at ​ 
    Monday- Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
    Friday & Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Option 3: FREE 24/7 Online Tutoring through Smarthinking
    ​Follow the four easy steps below to access online tutoring. ​​With questions, contact Angela Winters- Harmon at​.
    • Login to Brightspace
    • Select Online Tutoring 
    • Select Tools
    • Click the Smarthinking Login
    • Navigate the site and select the content area in which you would like assistance.

Additionally, in some specific sections of Art, English, Music, Math, and the Sciences, we offer embedded tutoring, which allows an assigned tutor to attend class sessions to make sure you receive​ the support you may need.

We are all new to this virtual learning space, so please be patient with us and with yourself.  Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any additional questions (   

Please continue to check back here for updates on our online tutoring services.  


Tips for a Successful Online Tutoring Session:                 

1.   Start Early. We are happy to assist you with study prep, note taking, brainstorming, and final revisions, but it’s important that you begin working with a tutor early to keep you from being stressed about pressing deadlines.              

2.   Come prepared. Have any relevant textbooks, syllabi, class materials, notes, and papers nearby. It is easier for the tutors to provide excellent tutoring service if you bring the appropriate materials to a tutoring session.              

3.   Come with a plan and questions. Know what material you would like to cover within that tutoring session. Actively participate in the tutoring sessions by having a list of questions to ask your assigned tutor.              

4.   Familiarize Yourself with the Course Materials.  We strongly encourage you to read the assigned readings and attempt to complete your assignment prior to requesting a tutor so you can take note of specific concepts where you need help. You and your tutor can review these concepts and work through similar problems. However, the tutor cannot do your homework for you nor help you with take-home tests, quizzes, or projects.              

5.   Use your tutoring time wisely. Your time with the tutor is valuable. Try to yourself from all distractions (cellphone, tv, friends/family) while working with your assigned tutor.​


Subjects Available for Tutoring:                                                         

Applied Sciences


Child Development



Social Science


Tell us about your Tutoring experience:





Faculty & Staff

Staff Member ​Phone Number ​Email Address
​Jacquelyn Werner, Associate Dean ​(312) 553-5854 ​
Veronica Villaneuva, Coordinator​ ​(312) 553-5992 ​
​Main Tutoring Center​​

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Other Tutoring Centers:
If we don't have the subject you need, you may choose to visit one of the other City Colleges of Chicago Tutoring Centers.  

Contact Information

30 E Lake St.
Room 409
Chicago , IL 60601
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Online Tutoring Services:
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-9:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

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