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Supportive Intervention Team (SIT)


SIT conducts behavioral threat assessments for persons who might pose a safety risk to themselves or others. SIT is a collaboration among key College departments and engages the College's resources to:                              

  • Investigate concerning behavior and assess the level of threat
  • Develop and implement an intervention plan for the safety of all​
  • Identify sources of support for the person of concern
  • Provide ongoing support and monitoring

Reporting a Student or Employee of Concern

In an emergency:  CONTACT SECURITY IMMEDIATELY at (312) 553-5643 or use the blue light call box located on each floor. Threats toward others and suicidal threats and/or gestures always constitute an emergency.                              
In a non-emergency:  Notify SIT using the online Person of Concern Report Form. Submit the form as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after learning of the concerning situation. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY.                             

Other helpful resources

Consultation for faculty and staff for referring a distressed person to the Wellness Center.                             

SIT Members               ​              


Dr. Daniel Lopez, President 

Kim Bowens, Associate Dean, Instruction​ 

​​Sushma Kher, Clinical Director, Wellness Center​ 

Nicolette Radford, Director, ACCESS Center 

Yurianna Reyes, Assistant Director, Wellness Center​ 

Bernessa Tate, Assistant Director of Security​ 

  Molly Turner, Faculty 

Janea Vinson, Clinical Counselor, Wellness Center 

Jacquelyn Werner, Dean of Student Services 

Donyel Williams, Faculty 

Marcus Williams, Veterans Services Specialist 



To Whom Do I Report My Concerns?

Become informed about these categories of behavior to know when to report to SIT and to determine the priority order for reporting/referring a person of concern to other College resources:       

Distressed:  The behavior causes concern solely for the student’s well-being.                              

Disturbed: The behavior may be highly inappropriate, irrational, or delusional and makes others uncomfortable.                               

Disruptive: The behavior interrupts the classroom or work environment and represents an escalation of distress and/or inner disturbance.                              

Dangerous:  The behavior threatens the safety and well-being of others.                          
Keep in mind that the 4 Ds merely provide guidelines for where to go with your concerns, and many situations will not cleanly fit into a distinct category. If you need further guidance, contact the SIT Chair, the Dean of Student Services, the HR Director, or the Wellness Center Manager.                         

Definitions of the 4Ds:

4 Ds definitions FINAL.gif                         

Examples of Each of the 4Ds:

4 Ds example FINA.gif                         

Guidelines for What to Do:

4 Ds what to do FINA.gif                         

Flow Chart for Handling of Submitted Person of Concern Report Form                             

SIT PREZI white outline.jpg


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