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HWC Assessment Committee: Members

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Members of Committee (Spring 2022) 

Chair: Erica McCormack          
Humanities and Music, Room 311E ​
Phone: (312) 553-3168          
Vice Chair of Unit Assessment: David Richardson (Humanities)  
Vice Chair of Gen Ed AssessmentUkaisha Al-Amin (English)

Research AnalystPhillip Vargas (Physical Science)

Coordinator of Online Learning: Yev Lapik (Biology)       
Coordinator of Cocurricular Assessment: Veronica Villanueva (Academic Support)     

Unit Assessment Liaisons:               
Art & Architecture: Paul Wandless        
Biology: Farah Movahedzadeh
Business: Bridgette Mahan        
English, Speech, Theatre: Amy Rosenquist
Mathematics: Chao Lu   
Physical Science: Samar Ayesh and Phillip Vargas
Social & Applied Science: Juanita Del Toro

Additional Participating Members:                                          
Viggy Alexandersson, English (Malcolm X College)
Nancy Berrera (Student Government Association)
Evan Boyle (Student Government Association)
Ainka Clepper (Advising and Transition)
Ellen Goldberg, Transfer Center
Ignatius Gomes, Biology
Aimee Krall-Lanoue (Office of Instruction)
Margaret Oyeleye (English)
David Richardson, Humanities & Music
Hamed Sarwar, Biology
Ashley Stokes (Grad Student at Erikson Institute)
Ivanjoe Tejeda, Art & Architecture
Loretta Visomirskis, English, Speech, & Theatre
Catherine Willis, Social & Applied Science
Sandy Vue (Research and Planning)
Zeke Yusof (Physical Science)

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