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 Assessment at Olive-Harvey College

Dr. Robin Wucherer
Assessment Committee Chair

At Olive-Harvey College, assessment is considered a systematic and ongoing process that collects aggregate data about what students know and can do based on measurable student learning outcomes for:                                                                   

  • General Education, which includes Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Technological Literacy, Human Diversity, and Civic Engagement
  • Career Programs
  • Core courses for our academic disciplines

Data and information resulting from the assessment process serve to inform improvements in pedagogy, course content, the curriculum, learning resources, and student services.  Because the assessment process must be faculty owned, faculty driven, and administratively supported, utilization of assessment data by faculty is designed to improve student performance, student development, and student achievement.​​​​​          

Assessment Timeline          

General Education SLOs and assessment measures that will be developed and administered over 2019-2023. ​  

​Assessment Process​ 2019 / 2020 2020 / 2021​ ​2021 / 2022 2022 / 2023​
Student Learning Out​come​ Civic Enga​gement ​Q​uantitative Reasoning ​Communication ​Technological Literacy​


Assessment Committee         

The Assessment Committee is a learning team that provides faculty a forum to discuss and share assessment strategies. The Assessment Committee is faculty-driven, with appropriate support from the Administration to carry out its responsibilities.          

​Chairperson: Dr. Robin Wucherer, Mathematics and CIS Department

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Liza Mohanty, Natural Sciences Department

Department Liaisons:

    • ​Ioana Sancira, Mathematics and CIS Department
    • Melda Beaty, Communication Department
    • Dr. Jacqueline Witherspoon, Natural Sciences Department
    • Sudipta Roy, Social Science and Africana Studies Department
    • Yolanda Duron, Humanities Department
    • James Bourke, Business and Professional Services

Conceptual Framework    

conceptual framework




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