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 Social Sciences

Ted Williams
Department Chair
The Social Science Department commits to help Kennedy- King College fulfill its mission by serving students who need to meet the general education core requirements in the Social Science Discipline for the AA, AAS, and AS degree. These degrees prepare students to transfer to a four year college, enter and compete in a global workforce/marketplace and live in communities challenged by changing socioeconomic needs, cultural diversity and technology. To ensure that Social Science Department is meeting its mission, it commits to implement ongoing comprehensive assessment processes. The data from these ongoing comprehensive assessment processes are used to revise/ enhance instruction and learning. To this end, the Social Science Department adopts the following purposes:                    

  • Provide courses that enable students to meet the general education core requirements.
  • Provide advanced classes in specific disciplines such as sociology, psychology, history, and political science that meet the Illinois Articulation Initiative Criteria.
  • Continue to offer US History and Political Science courses which students may use to meet the requirement for waiving the constitution test.
  • Continue to offer courses which are required by other programs, specifically in the applied sciences.
  • Increase articulation and course offering with other colleges and universities specifically in the area of criminal justice.
  • Involve students with global populations and global issues.
  • Enhance instructional delivery with online and offline technologies. 


Faculty & Staff

​Faculty ​ ​ ​
​Name Phone ​Email ​Office
Ted Williams, Chair ​(773) 602-5169 ​Y-143
Dr. Adeyemi Adesuyi ​(773) 602-5172 ​ ​Y-144
​Dr. Edward Butler ​(773) 602-5172 ​Y-144
Mathias Dal ​​(773) 602-5172 ​Y-144
Dr. ​Daniel Davis ​(773) 602-5462 ​Y-142
Dr. Karen Douglass ​(773) 602-5174 ​Y-141
​Nora Gaines ​(773) 502-5172 ​Y-144
​Dr. Bonnie Harrison ​(773) 602-5170 ​Y-139
​Shandria Holmes ​(773) 602-5105 ​Y-154
Charlie Hughes ​​(773) 602-5166 ​Y-140
​Leland Jackson ​(773) 602-5371 ​​ ​W-252
​Michael Mathis ​(773) 502-5172 ​Y-144
Kathy Mayorga ​​(773) 502-5172 ​Y-144
​Ciara Miller ​(773) 502-5172 ​Y-144
​Dr. Martin Miller ​​​(773) 502-5172 ​Y-144
​Shahari Moore ​(773) 602-5305 ​Y-132
​Jack Smith ​(773) 502-5172​ ​Y-140
​Lorethea Spencer ​(773) 502-5172​ ​​Y-140
​Patrick Taitt ​(773) 502-5172​ ​Y-144
Jennifer Thompson-Watson ​(773) 602-5167 ​Y-142
​Howard Ward ​(773) 502-5172​ ​Y-144
​LaRoma White ​(773) 602-5106 ​Y-140
Name ​Phone ​Email ​Office
​​Dorothee Butts​ ​(773) 602-5173 ​​ ​Y-131

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(773) 602-5172
(773) 602-5163
6401 South Halsted Street
Y Building - Y131
Chicago , IL 60621
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Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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