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Assessment in General Education

In an increasingly dynamic world, a college must clearly state its educational philosophy in terms of the outcomes it seeks to create for its graduates.             

Kennedy-King College has identified six key General Education Student Learning Outcomes (G-SLOs) that encompass the skills and knowledge we believe that all students should have upon completion of a degree, regardless of discipline, so that they will be well equipped to reach their full potential and successfully compete in the global marketplace.             

KKC's GENERAL EDUCATION GOALS (based on Faculty Handbook 2015-2016)                         

OUR GRADUATES WILL               

  • ​​​Communicate effectively in speech and writing.
  • Understand modern concepts of science and scientific inquiry and relationships in contemporary life.
  • Understand the relationship between mathematical and technological realities in contemporary life.
  • Respond to the aesthetic, emotive, and intellectual expressions of human concerns.
  • Understand the ways in which individuals perceive, experience, and behave in their personal and social environment.
  • Effectively self-evaluate and seek lifelong education. ​