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Strategic Assessment Plan

Provided below is the Strategic Assessment Plan for 2019-2023. This plan covers assessment of Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs), disciplines/department assessment activities, a master syllabus project, program review, and comprehensive co-curricular assessment activities, and co-curricular unit/department activities. ​The Strategic Assessment Plan 2019-2023 ​serves to provide authentic, robust assessment practices which align academic and co-curricular assessment efforts to improve student learning at Kennedy-King College (KKC).                   
General Education Assessment Activities – These assessment activities will address the campus-wide Institutional Learning Outcomes. This will be a three-year cycle, with planning for a single ILO beginning each Fall and Spring semester, with implementation of the plan the following semester (spring or fall). An analysis of the collected data will be presented to faculty at the beginning of the semester following implementation (fall or spring), and the data will be used to create a plan for professional development topics, innovations and improvements in teaching and learning.                          

Discipline/Department Assessment Activities - Each discipline is responsible for the creation of a common assessment that will evaluate 1-3 course-level ILOs (C-ILOs). This common assessment, once created, should be administered every semester to each section of the relevant course(s). Discipline Goal Sheets are created in the beginning of each fall semester and contain an action plan, based on the data collected the previous year. Action plans may include revisions to the common assessment tool, an adjustment to C-ILOs (through the PACC process), creation of additional student support materials or formative assessments to aid student learning, or other relevant actions as decided by the discipline. Each spring, a narrative report should be submitted by each department summarizing, the activities and findings of each discipline within the department.                          
Master Syllabus Project – Kennedy-King College is initiating the process of developing a comprehensive and complete master course syllabus repository. This project will involve the review of critical components of a master course syllabus, and will provide faculty the opportunity to evaluate the content included in the syllabus to ensure it is accurate, rigorous, and consistent with the standards of a given discipline. Once the repository is established, the evaluation of master syllabi will be an integral part of the ICCB Program Review Process. Such work will involve: o working with the College’s Proposed Academic Curriculum Changes (PACC) team to secure approval for any student learning outcome changes; o discussing changes during district-wide discipline meetings, if need be; and o working closely with discipline chairs and faculty council to ensure procedures and standards are met.                             
Program Review – Following the Illinois Community College Board’s (ICCB) program review schedule, selected departments will participate in the program review process. Departments will be encouraged to use the assessment data generated through their common assessment and participation in ILO assessment.                           
Comprehensive Co-Curricular Assessment Activities –These assessment activities that will occur on an every-semester basis. Every-semester activities will serve to support all co-curricular areas and will be implemented at the conclusion of each “big” semester (fall and spring). Summer terms will be used to review data collected and inform decision making for upcoming academic years and assessment cycles.                            
Unit/Department Assessment Activities - Each semester departments will minimally assess 1-2 Co-curriculur ILO of their choosing. Departments are free to select the Co-ILO(s) they wish to measure. Department Assessment Activities will also take place during the “big” semester (fall and spring) and summer terms will be used to review data collected and inform decisions for upcoming academic years and assessment cycles. Prior to conducting the Department Assessment Activity, each department must complete an Assessment Planning Template the semester/term before conducting the proposed assessment activity                          

Strategic Assessment Plan FY20-FY23.pdfStrategic Assessment Plan FY20-FY23.pdf