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 Social Services-Addiction Studies

Jacqueline Graham-Sylvestal
Human Services Department Chair

The Social Services-Addiction Studies Program focuses on Social Work - Addiction Studies philosophy, knowledge-based, and practicum field instruction experiences. The progra​​m offers an opportunity for students to major in a generalist practice-oriented sequence which is directly related to the delivery of social services – mental health from a global perspective.  The major objectives of the Social Services-Addiction Studies Program are to prepare students to function as generalist social work – mental health practitioners, to begin a career in social welfare services advocating social justice for all.              

Specifically, the Advanced Social Services/Addiction Studies curriculum is designed to address the advancement in industry standards, which requires social workers to demonstrate the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of chemical dependency and mental disorders (COPD I / COPD II... formerly MISA) in a dual capacity.               

The target audience for the proposed program is intended for individuals seeking entry-level employment for advancement as well as cross-training opportunities for existing employees, as well as for individuals looking to increase their skill set through specialized education and training.  Social Services - Addiction Studies practitioners find employment in both medical and non-medical environments.  Some facilities include detoxification centers, rehabilitation programs, community mental health centers, family service centers, halfway houses, therapeutic communities, hospitals, clinical services, nursing homes, home health, hospice care, business settings, or related industry.         

The Mental Health Practicum Application​ for the fall semester is due the third week of October; the Mental Health Practicum Application​ for the spring semester is due the third week in March. There is a mandatory orientation for students entering into the practicum. Orientations take place in the fall and spring semesters: the third Friday in November during the fall semester and the third Friday in April during the spring semester.  Please review the ​​Documentation Requirements for Addictions Studies/Social Service Programs.      

Upon completion of the program students   would be eligible to complete the Illinois CADC examination through advance standing status, which waives the 2 years paid work experience hours prior to examination.   In addition, students would be awarded the Illinois 40 Domestic Violence certification (completion of a practicum at an approved Illinois Domestic Violence Organization) and a Basic Anger Management /Conflict Resolution Certification which meets the minimum Illinois standard for offering Anger Management /Conflict Resolution services.                

 **Please Note Financial Aid Restrictions                


  1. Social Services-Addiction Studies AAS Degree (Mental Health 229 & Social Services 229 Practicums are covered under financial aid)
  2. Addiction Studies AAS (Mental Health 229 Practicum only covered under financial aid)
  3. Addiction Studies Basic Certificate (Mental Health 229 Practicum only covered under financial aid)
  4. Addiction Studies Advanced Certificate (Mental Health 229 Practicum only covered under financial aid)​


Faculty & Staff

​Faculty ​ ​ ​
Jac​queline Graham-Sylvestal​ 773-602-5338                 
Susan Buckner​ 773-487-6918 Y-136​
Paul Everett​ 773-487-6924​ Y-131​
​Leslie Illidge 773-602-5351​  ​Y-133
​Celeste McGill​​ ​773-602-5339 ​Y-137
​Jerrard Walker ​773-602-5351  ​ ​Y-133
​ ​ ​ ​
Staff​ ​ ​ ​
Victoria Lester 773-602-5351 ​Y-133

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