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 Mission Statement

The Kennedy-King College Library provides the campus community access to information and knowledge for academic and social improvement​.

 ​Library Offerings


Kennedy-King College Library has a large collection to help answer factual questions on the spot.The librarian on duty at the Reference Desk is available to help you find the appropriate reference book to help answer your question(s). The Library also has online, or electronic, reference sources that the librarian can assist you with.                                                          

Circulation Services                                                                         

Circulating books (indicated by "Stacks" in the Online Catalog) may be checked out by the staff at the Circulation D​esk by presenting a current student ID or current photo ID (ex: State ID). You may check out five books at onceThe loan period is two weeks; books may be renewed before the due date, one time for an additional two weeks. When the Library is open, books can be returned to staff at the Circulation Desk or outside of the library in the library's drop box.                                                                              
Library books (non-reserves) can be viewed (without being checked out) inside the Library in areas where Library staff is present. You must check out the book first before viewing it in the Math Emporium.                       

Reserve Materials                                                                         

Reserve Materials (indicated by "Reserve" in the Online Catalog) may be requested at the Reserves Desk located on the 2nd floor. Some materials may be checked out for two hours, some for three days, and some for seven days. 2-hour reserve books cannot leave the library. Professors may place books on Reserve for their classes, or Librarians place heavily used books on Reserve.                      

NOTE: Students can not check out reserve books, if they have a lost (or never returned) reserve book on their account.                               


Renew books and materials in person, by phone, or online through your Library account. Click here, to be directed to where you can sign in to your Library account to renew books. Books and materials can be renewed one time if renewed before the date due. Call the Circulation Desk at (773) 602-5449 to renew by phone.                                                                            

Photocopy Machines                                                                       

Make B+W copies at machines downstairs and upstairs. The charge is .05 cents per page for B+W.   
Notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.). You can make copies using money or your print card.                                               

For more informaton, please go to this  site:                                                           

Printing Machine                                                                         

Print cards are only for Printing and must be purchased at various print card kiosks around campus. There is a kiosk avail​able in the library to the left of the front door when entering the library. At least $1.00 is needed to acquire a print card in which the card comes preloaded with $0.50. Print cards are required when printing. Printing is $0.05 per page in black&white, $.10 for color.                                                                                 
There are two designated print-only computers located in front of the circulation desk for students who need to only print.                                                                                                                    


The Library does not have a fax machine.                                                 

Laptops and Scientific Calculators   

Laptops and scientific calculator are for in-library use only (these items can not leave the library). Students must go to the Reserve Desk (2nd floor) to check these items out with their student ID. The loan period is 2 hours.                     

Laptop loans:                    

  • Students must sign a laptop loan agreement before checking out a laptop. 
  • Effective Monday, 10/17, we will not have laptop loans after 4:30pm, Monday - Thursday and all day Sat. Library hours. Students will have access to the computers on the second floor. ​
  • If the laptop is taken out of the library, then student will automatically be blocked from checking out a laptop from KKC Library and fined even if the laptop is returned.        

As of 4/6/2016, students can now print from the Library’s reserve laptops. Please refer to the “Printing Machine” description for information on printing availability in the library.                                              

NOTE: Laptops or Calculators can not be checked out if you have a late fee or you have books (reserve or circulating books) that have not been returned.        


CCC students, faculty or staff who have a current CCC ID can check out headphones for 2 hours. Community members are not allowed to check out headphones.                                                               


Computer for the hearing or vision impaired & CCT                    

The Library has accommodation software installed for students with hearing, vision, or other disability. The computer designated for those with the impairments is located in room X-102, and it has JAWS and MAGic (enlarges text) software. The software is ADA approved. You must go to the Circulation Desk (front desk) and ask to be logged on to the computer.                                

The library has a CCTV located on table C (first floor). Materials can be placed under the camera and an enlarged image of the material is displayed on the monitor. The user adjusts a zoom lens to enlarge the image to the desired size. Other features such as color, dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background, and auto-focusing enhance the user's efficiency when performing literacy tasks.                                               

Study Rooms                                               

The library has 3 study rooms (X-102, X-103, X-104) that students can check out. Students with a group can reserve the room up to 3 months in advance as long as it is within the semester. However, you can only reserve the study room up to 3 times a semester in advance for all three reservations; the rest is first come, first serve. You must come to the circulation desk and show your student ID to get access to the room. Also, if the room is available, a group can ask to use the room without making a reservation. There must be at least two people to reserve the room, and up to 8 people can be in the room at once. The group using one of the study rooms is promised 1 hour occupation time. However, if no-one else wants to use the room that is occupied, then the group can stay as long as needed (please click here​ for study room hours). To reserve or use one of the study rooms, you must go to the Circulation Desk, show your student ID, and sign in. Lastly, no food or drinks in the study rooms.                 

Study Rooms for individual use   

Individual students can use the study room anytime during the library hours. There is no reservations for individual study space. It is only first come, first serve and groups reserving and using the study rooms have priority. You must come to the circulation desk and show your student ID to get access to the room.  You are promised 1 hour occupation time (unless there is heavy group reservations). However, if no-one else wants to use the room that is occupied, then you can stay as long as needed (please click here for study room hours). To reserve or use one of the study rooms, you must go to the Circulation Desk, show your student ID, and sign in. Lastly, no food or drinks in the study rooms.​   ​